Bathroom Wars: NCAA To Require All Arenas Be “Inclusive

The NCAA has announced their own little hissy fit

(ESPN) The North Carolina cities of Greensboro and Charlotte must prove to the NCAA how each site will provide a discrimination-free zone in their respective arenas, or risk losing hosting privileges for the NCAA tournament’s first and second rounds in 2017 and 2018, multiple NCAA officials told ESPN on Wednesday night.

In a statement provided to ESPN, the NCAA said, “Currently awarded sites must report how they will provide an environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination, plus safeguards the dignity of everyone involved in the event. The information must be reported to the Board of Governors Ad Hoc Committee to Promote Cultural Diversity and Equity, and full implementation is expected during the current bidding process.”

The response was due to the NCAA Board of Governors adopting an anti-discrimination measure earlier in the day at their quarterly meeting in Indianapolis.

This statement applies to all, not just North Carolina and Georgia. It appears as if they will require all arenas to allow the gender confused in the bathrooms of the opposite sex. Hey, what could possibly go wrong with intoxicated men deciding they want to go into the ladies room with lots of college babes? God help any arena employee who dares to question any male, or female, who decides to use an opposite gender bathroom. They’ll surely be terminated one the typical Outrage starts, and hounded on social media.

“The higher education community is a diverse mix of people from different racial, ethnic, religious and sexual orientation backgrounds,” board chairman and Kansas State president Kirk Schulz said in a statement. “So it is important that we assure that community … will always enjoy the experience of competing and watching at NCAA championships without concerns of discrimination.”

Nothing like exposing women to sexual predators. Oh, and if it’s so diverse, then why would they utterly discount the opinions and feelings of those who do not want the opposite gender in their bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, and showers?

I will give the NCAA this: it is a policy that applies to all. Will they enforce it, though? Virtually no arena across the country allows this. We’ll see when they pick the host arenas.

Oh, let’s not forget that the NCAA just held the Final Four at the NRG Stadium. In Houston. Which voted down allowing the gender confused from using the bathroom of their daily choice. Why didn’t the NCAA care less than a month ago?

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7 Responses to “Bathroom Wars: NCAA To Require All Arenas Be “Inclusive”

  1. jlcurran says:

    Does this apply to sports as well? Will males who identify as women be allowed to play women’s sports? It’s hypocritical if they don’t.

  2. Zhytamyr says:

    Colleges seem to be concerned with everything but education & critical thinking. Other than being a moneymaker for colleges, sports serve little purpose at that level towards an athelete’s education. Although it will never happen, the professional sports should pay for their own farm teams and system.

  3. david7134 says:

    In Europe, restrooms are all inclusive as there is one large room with sinks and individual locked stalls, all is clean as they make welfare folks attend the room and supervise to assure security. Now, all the colleges have to do is charge the NCAA for altering the rooms and arranging the attendants. Then we can see them sing a tune a little different.

  4. John says:

    Why not a month ago ? Times are changing Teach people want things to be better
    Soon the NBA will decide if it wants its AllStar Game associated with your state
    That law is a job killer and may also cost the Govenor his job and the GOP the Senate
    But the extreme right wing will have a small victory in that law

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    BJWs are the new fascists.

    *Bathroom Justice Warriors

  6. Dana says:

    Mr 7134 has probably hit on what will have to happen: spend a zillion dollars converting every public restroom so that the perverts can’t get secret pictures, just so we don’t offend the mentally ill.

    Which animals can recognize the difference between males and females of their own species? Green alligators and long-necked geese, humpy-backed camels and chimpanzees, cats and rats and elephants can all do that, but left wing humans somehow cannot.

  7. Jeffery says:

    I’m amazed that the only thing keeping conservative men out of women’s restrooms is the law. Are you now afraid that you won’t be able to control yourselves? Conservative men are so weird.

    Do you really think that perverts who wanted to invade the ladies room were dissuaded previously or are dissuaded now?

    What the NCAA is telling you rednecks is that if you want NCAA tournament action in your state you need to stopping discriminating against the LGBT community. It’s so simple even a common southern redneck should be able to understand.

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