Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! A great day in America. The sun is shining, the birds are signing, Trump is whining…OK, moving on. I’m not sure who did this pinup, which I added a bit to.

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. Jo Nova covers NASA’s “smackdowns”
  2. Adrienne’s Corner notes that you should always believe what you read and hear
  3. Chicks On The Right notes Obama not paying his fair share
  4. Creeping Sharia notes Obama’s demands for Burma
  5. Dakota Voice says Trump’s Colorado outrage was planned from the start
  6. Director Blue discusses Trump as comedian in chief
  7. Fire Andrea Mitchell covers the man of the people, Bernie Sanders
  8. Flopping Aces notes an easy way for equal pay for the US women’s soccer team
  9. Free North Carolina covers the way to deal with university crybabies
  10. Legal Insurrection has a high school violating freedom of association
  11. Moonbattery notes Trump getting specific
  12. Ne0 Neocon discusses Republican vs Republican
  13. Noisy Room covers Paris as a Muslim war zone
  14. Powerline wonders why Democrats hate their own presidents
  15. And last, but not least, The Daley Gator discusses Trump and the politics of victimhood
  16. And one to grow on: Evil Blogger Lady discusses the Left yammering about bathrooms while ignoring the real rape culture

As always, the full set of pinups can be seen in the Patriotic Pinup category, or over at my Gallery page. While we are on pinups, since it is that time of year, have you gotten your “Pinups for Vets” calendar yet? And don’t forget to check out what I declare to be our War on Women Rule 5 and linky luv posts and things that interest me

Don’t forget to check out all the other great material all the linked blogs have!

Anyone else have a link or hotty-fest going on? Let me know so I can add you to the list. (BTW, since someone asked, the reason I leave links for the previous week up (or you might see a *) is because they are place holders for later in the day or for next weeks. Easier than rewriting all the time. Also, the listing order has to do with how they are added over time, not how good a post is. I just copy and paste from the previous week, then edit. If you see one of the *’s, go ahead and check out the blog anyhow, see if there is an update. I cannot update with my Android during the day.

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  1. GOODSTUFF says:

    this week…

    Cybill Shepherd, the hussy, hosts this huge meta blog. Which contains all kinds of groovy vitamins and minerals

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