Say, Will Hotcoldwetdry Make You Fat?

And with more taxpayer funded studies we might get the truth as to whether we need more taxpayer funded studies to find more information

Will global warming make you fat?

First it was fats, then it was carbs, but one day we might be blaming climate change for our expanding waistlines. Climate change is already affecting Australia’s ability to reliably produce quality food.

With climate records being broken on a monthly basis, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine our relatively easy access to fresh produce becoming a thing of the past.

So, it’s all based on a feeling of potential doom

We all know what we should be eating to stay healthy: less fat and sugar, more fresh fruit, veggies and lean protein.

Eating sustainably isn’t all that different. Stop eating so many of the cows that burp and fart methane into the atmosphere and try to eat more locally sourced, plant-based produce.

You first, Warmists.

Climate change threatens to make healthy and sustainable eating even harder. And that’s bad for our waistlines and the planet.

Uh huh. Sure thing, Sparky.

While the precise local impacts of climate change around Australia still present some uncertainties, it is looking likely that our suitable agricultural areas will shrink. This potentially will reduce the supply of local fresh produce, wheat and other grains. Further climate research will allow us to understand this better and adapt appropriately.

See? We need to just spend more money on studies! All to deal with all the uncertainties and such.

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