Uncaring President Gives Vapid Excuse For Attending Baseball Game In Cuba After Terrorist Attack

Brussels, as you know, was on the receiving end of a deadly terrorist attack, which also wounded hundreds. Many of those wounded were the recipients of  procedure known as “amputation”, due to all the nails, glass, and other things in the bombs. One of the bombs was detonated in front of the American Airlines terminal. Does anyone not think that was intentional? And, then there’s this

At least nine Americans — including three Mormon missionaries, as well as a U.S. Air Force and his family — are among the 250 or more injured in today’s Brussels attack, according to military and church officials. A French national Mormon was hospitalized as well, church officials said.

In the wake of this, Obama came out with a tepid 51 second response

Before I begin, please indulge me — I want to comment on the terrorist attacks that have taken place in Brussels. The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the people of Belgium, and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally Belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible. And this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. We must be together, regardless of nationality, or race, or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. We can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all round the world.

As Ed Morrissey notes, give O credit for mentioning that this was terrorism. On the flip side, it was entirely too brief, then O jumped into his rousing speech to the big wigs and tyrants of Cuba. Furthermore, note his use of “we”, of all the United States. From any other president, this would mean a lot. However, Obama is a guy who tends to say “I” a lot. Think of all the mass shootings comments he’s made, and how often he uses me and I, such as with the Umpqua shooting. The use of I’s showed he was engaged, and cared. He uses a lot of we’s and and such when he doesn’t seem to care much. Yes, Obama takes a load of criticism for all the I’s, but, that is when you can tell he cares about a subject. He spent a lot of time speaking about Umpqua, and others, calling for gun control, of course. He could not work himself up for the Brussels attack, which harmed 9 Americans.

And then he went to a baseball game. With the tyrant who runs the nation. And had a blast. He even did the wave! I wonder if the people who are part of the Columbian terrorist group FARC, also in attendance at the game, did the wave with O?

So, how did Obama defend himself in his period of YOLO?

President Obama explained his decision to attend a Major League Baseball exhibition game in Cuba today between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team, following this morning’s terrorist attacks in Belgium.

“It’s always a challenge when you have a terrorist attack anywhere in the world, particularly in this age of 24/7 news coverage. You want to be respectful and understand the gravity of the situation, but the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people’s ordinary lives.” (note: I’ve included the entire quote, as he explained it to ESPN)

Doing the wave while attending a baseball game with a tyrant and terrorists in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack which harmed Americans is respectful? Let me ask: if George Bush did this, would he be roundly criticized by the media? Yes, and he would deserve it. But, really, let’s face it, Obama only does caring and appropriateness on issues he cares deeply about. Otherwise, it’s bugger off and let do my thing.

The president added that one of his “proudest moments as president” was when Boston united in the wake of the attack on the city’s marathon, complimenting Red Sox David Ortiz’s in particular for declaring that Boston would not be intimidated.

“When Ortiz went out and said probably the only time that America didn’t have a problem with somebody, a person on live TV, was when he talked about Boston, how strong it was and that it was not going to be intimidated,” Obama said.

The American Spectator’s Aaron Goldsein rips that one apart. No, we shouldn’t be intimidated. Yes, Obama is POTUS, for good or bad (mostly bad), and it’s his job to at least pretend he cares. It’d be poor optics if he did this while visiting, say, Japan or England. Doing this in a communist country with a repressive regime run by a tyrant, which protects murders on the run from the United States, arrested dissidents as Obama was arriving in Cuba, and has terrorists sitting in the same stadium watching a baseball game? Pitiful.

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8 Responses to “Uncaring President Gives Vapid Excuse For Attending Baseball Game In Cuba After Terrorist Attack”

  1. John says:

    Didn’t your Dear Leader Bush once tell us to go shopping after a much worse terror attack?
    Perhaps you haven’t noticed but Obama has poll numbers 300% higher that the Goo Congress
    So let’s see you think that after a terrior attack the best thing to do is …… To attack our POTUS
    Doesn’t that give aid and comfort to our enemies and show them a divided country ??
    Will that encourage more attacks as they seek to divide us?
    Remember the people who commuted this attrocity are right wing religious fundamentalists seeking a small government based on religion with no rights for gays and no right of abortion for women
    They think that everyone should live according to THEIR religion,

  2. John says:

    Cuba is such a bad country
    Teach do you think it worse than our ally Saudi Arabia?
    Do you remember bush having to dress up in drag to attend a state dinner?
    Or kissing ?
    You are so far from mainstream GOP thought about Cuba take a look at what most Americans think about his visit

  3. Jeffery says:

    What would you have President Obama do, under the circumstances, that would have pleased you?

    I’m surprised he hasn’t contacted you for advice.

    Anyway, much like conservative mass shootings in the US, terrorist attacks worldwide occur too frequently to stop our lives and reboot at each occurrence (which is what the terrorists hope to achieve).

    We should express our sincerest sympathies to the victims and their families and promise to track down the terrorists and their organizers and kill them.

    We get it. Of course, in your eyes, whatever that Negro Obama does is wrong.

    Here’s a long essay explaining what’s wrong with you movement (The America Ignorance Movement or AIM) and how it’s destroying America.


  4. david7134 says:

    By any measure, Obama is the worst leader we have ever seen. He should have skipped a baseball game for other, non-reported activity rather than be seen in a non-caring role. Except, he really does not care.

  5. What would you have President Obama do, under the circumstances, that would have pleased you?

    I’ll refer you back to “Let me ask: if George Bush did this, would he be roundly criticized by the media? Yes, and he would deserve it.”

    Had Bush acted in this manner, you would have been skewering him, and rightly so. Go ahead, imagine it was Bush. You can lie to me, but, you can’t lie to yourself.

  6. Jeffery says:

    But, What would you have President Obama do?

    Did you “skewer” President Bush for invading Iraq based on deception? For torturing captives?

  7. But, What would you have President Obama do?

    How about giving more than 51 seconds of a damn when American citizens are hurt in a terrorist attack? How about showing that he actually cares? How about not attending a baseball game with a tyrant who invites terrorists to the game? Not looking like he doesn’t have a care in the world when Americans and citizens of our allies are hurt and killed?

    You know damned well you would be lobbying invective at Bush if he did this.

    Did you “skewer” President Bush for invading Iraq based on deception? For torturing captives?

    I’m not playing your deflection game. But, hey, if you want to play deception, you’ll refuse to vote for Hillary, since she voted for Operation Iraqi Freedom, right? Even if she is the Dem candidate, right? You’ll hold to your principles, right?

  8. Jl says:

    “Principles”? No, he’s a liberal

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