Juan Williams: Donald Trump Is Playing The Race Card Or Something

Opinion pieces by uber-Liberal Williams are always amusing in their delusion. This one sure seems to be about projections

Juan Williams: Trump plays the race card

After last week’s primary romp in Florida it is all but official – the GOP is the party of Donald Trump.

And having Trump as the party’s leader means GOP figures at every level – from Congress to school boards – will have to carry a lot of racial baggage.

Last week, a USA Today/Rock the Vote poll found Trump trailing Hillary Clinton among voters under age 35 across all ethnicities in a general election contest. Within that cohort, Trump lost by 13-1 among black voters, 5-1 among Asian votes and 4-1 among Hispanic voters — but by a relatively more modest 2-1 among white voters.

It’s no surprise Trump is losing badly among Blacks: they’ve been kept on the Democratic plantation for decades, what with all the patronizing and government giveaways, much of which keeps so many Blacks poor and dependent. Nor is it unusual to lose among young Hispanics. What makes this “racial”?

It lets Trump off the hook to describe him merely as a populist. On the other side of the partisan divide, Bernie Sanders is running a populist campaign attracting strong support among white Democrats — but there is none of Trump’s anger at Muslims, racial minorities and immigrants. One study of Trump’s voters found strongest support in areas with the highest percentage of Google searches for racist humor.

I’d like to see that study. Why no link to it, Juan? Again, I’m not a Trump supporter, but, what’s the problem with being angry at Islamists, who want to infiltrate our country and move it towards a more radical Islamic tenor, along with all the violent attacks? What’s wrong with being angry at those who come to our country illegally or overstay their visas, taking American jobs, driving down wages, and using up our resources, all while many of them DEMAND we speak their language, give them stuff, and legalize them, while at the same time showing their allegiance to the countries they left? When they bring their crime, from identity theft to rape and murder, shouldn’t we be angry?

There are real factors, with a racial overlay, fueling Trump’s rise. White working class men are being squeezed by the loss of blue-collar jobs, stagnant wages and high levels of debt. Last year, two Princeton economists reported record suicides and drug abuse among whites, an indication of rising social and economic pressure. Trump has become the loudest voice of this white anxiety and frustration.

Apparently, it’s unacceptable for White people to express their concerns and frustrations. Only everyone Not White can do that. Of course, technically, all the Hispanics are white, so, it’s not racism, it’s bigotry. I get very tired of people like Juan Williams trotting out the race card in situations that it doesn’t apply. What Trump is pushing could be considered bigotry, and even discrimination. But, discrimination is not always a bad thing. Is it bad to discriminate against people who sympathize with radical Islamic viewpoints, and not want them to be allowed in the country? Heck no.

But now Trump has so alienated Hispanics with his harsh immigration policies — and the rhetoric that accompanies those policies — that Republicans are racially isolated again. Their only hope in the November general election is to generate extremely high turnout among whites.

“Hispanics” is not a race.

Trump’s response to calls to restrain his rhetoric is to argue that he is a truth-teller who refuses to be bound by political correctness. “I said tremendous crime is coming across – everybody knows that’s true,” he said later. “So why, when I mention [it], all of a sudden I’m a racist. I’m not a racist.”

Let’s agree that he is not a racist. Maybe he is just a man bringing an unrepentant racial strategy to 21st Century national politics.

Maybe he’s concerned with the people who Peggy Noonan referred to as the unprotected. People who politicians seem to care little about, as they pander to Blacks and illegal aliens. Perhaps they want the political system to listen to them, to take their concerns to heart.

As far as playing a race card, no Democrat has the moral authority to blame anyone else, since they go racial at the drop of a hat smartphone (hey, it’s 2016). You can expect them to do it during the general election, much as they’ve been doing during the primaries, much as they do during non-election seasons. Trump events where relatively peaceful until Black Lives Matter decided to show up and cause trouble. And Juan Williams is race hustling with that last sentence. It’s what Democrats do. I don’t think Trump will be as bad as some say, and, perhaps minorities will be better off economically with a president who wants to make the economy better, rather than keeping minorities poor and reliant on the government as the Democrats want.

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11 Responses to “Juan Williams: Donald Trump Is Playing The Race Card Or Something”

  1. john says:

    I found that study quite easily here is the link http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/03/14/poll-millennials-clinton-sanders-trump-president/81612520/
    Teach read that poll at your own risk. SADZ WARNING
    Probably the worst thing for you to see is that one in four Republicans would defect to the Dems rather than vote for Trump, while 7% of the Dems would go over to the GOP
    And among the hot chicks under 35? Trump loses 52% to 19%

  2. john says:

    And crime ?? Violent crime rates are about 1/3 of what they were in the early 90s
    I guess that you would blame the increase in undocumented for that http://www.forbes.com/sites/neilhowe/2015/05/28/whats-behind-the-decline-in-crime/#6010d3a17733

  3. Jeffery says:

    Blacks: they’ve been kept on the Democratic plantation for decades

    Most US conservatives don’t understand the racism inherent in their nearly universal description of Blacks.

    Trump is the not unexpected extension of the road the Republicans have been traveling the last couple of decades. Black Americans are not as stupid and lazy as conservatives claim; they understand that the further right the Republican Party moves the more discrimination Blacks will face.

    Trump says what other rightists have been squishy about; Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, women. It’s why he is outraging decent conservatives and winning with rednecks. For decades, the GOP has been the party of conservative, Caucasian Christians – and usually they keep their verbiage on the down-low, using coded words and phrases to rally the troopers – welfare queens, thugs, crime, states’ rights, Kenya…

    The GOP establishment is worried that Trump will lose not only the election but will drag Senators and Representatives with him. There appears to be a limit to how vile conservatives will go – and Trump appears to be that limit. Cruz’s policy prescriptions are more damaging to the nation than Trump’s, but Cruz comports himself a bit better.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Most US conservatives don’t understand the racism inherent in their nearly universal description of Blacks.

    Yet it is liberals who say that Blacks need to be coddled, cannot compete, are inferior, etc.

    Conservatives say “here’s the opportunity! Take it and run!”

    Liberals say “don”t get off the plantations. We need you where we can control you.”

  5. jl says:

    People like J don’t think blacks even have the intelligence to go out and get an ID card. So we see that most liberals don’t understand the racism inherent in their nearly universal description of blacks. And we see that, surprise, J is still a hypocrite. And by the way, Muslims aren’t a race, either.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Do you not think that Blacks are wise and decent enough to know for whom to vote?

  7. Jeffery says:

    Conservatives say “we brought you over as slaves, fought a civil war to protect our ‘right’ to own other human beings, and discriminated against you and yours legally until the 60s and illegally since. Now we’re putting as many of you as we can in prison and making it harder for you to vote. Our conservative judges make your life more miserable.”

  8. gitarcarver says:

    Do you not think that Blacks are wise and decent enough to know for whom to vote?

    Apparently you and your liberal buddies don’t as they are ones who keep raising the race issue rather than qualifications.

    Further proof is demonstrated by the fact that somewhere along the lines of 75% – 80% of all blacks are for requiring ID at the voting booth. As their “betters,” you are against it.

    Aren’t Blacks wise enough to support the ideas that best protect their rights?

  9. Conservative Beaner says:


    Got your history wrong as usual.

    Dems were the party of slavery, GOP was born to end slavery.

    Dems are the party of the KKK which formed to keep blacks from voting, GOP passed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to free slaves and give them the right to vote.

    Dems wanted gun control so blacks could not stand for themselves, GOP believes they have a right to defend themselves.

    Dems gave us Jim Crow and segregation.

    Dems want to limit school choice for blacks, GOP wants everyone to have a choices in education.

    Dems gave us the Trail of Tears.

    Dems gave us Internment of the Japanese.

    Dems are all about limiting all groups unless they are LGBT, Muslim or like thinkers.

    Face it Jeff, the left and Dems suck.

  10. Jeffery says:


    All that I described was perpetrated by conservatives, whether Dems or Repugs.

    Conservatives have a cottage industry in denying their history, but who can blame them.

    Face it Beaner, the right and the Repugs are bad for the world.

  11. Jeffery says:

    Racists don’t have to bring up race, as the racists are the perps. Those that bring up race are those that suffer from racism.

    You support a system that oppresses Blacks.

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