Warmists Very Upset House Recognizes Magic But Not ‘Climate Change’

Some enterprising Republican should write up something that recognizes anthropogenic climate change as being on par with magic. Or, links it to the Salem Witch hysteria. This is Climarouttes in action, where virtually everything has to be linked to Hotcoldwetdry

House GOP Recognizes Magic But Not Climate Change: ‘Magic Is A National Treasure’

In the middle of an increasingly bitter and divisive presidential race, the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a bill today not to address one of the pressing concerns facing the American people, but rather to formally recognize magic as a national treasure – as a rare and valuable art form. The bill, authored by Representative Pete Sessions (R-Texas), has six Republican co-sponsors, was introduced on Monday, and contains a number of interesting – if spurious – anecdotes related to how the practice of magic makes one a better politician and a better citizen.

“[Mayor Eric Hogue] learned the art of magic as a child, and continues to use those skills to teach elementary school students about the different roles and responsibilities of local government,” the resolution reads, speaking of Wylie, Texas, Mayor Eric Hogue.

The House and Senate do this all the time. It’s just part of politics. Obama, like all presidents, is constantly recognizing things that are Deeply Meaningful. Politics. But, that’s not allowed in Warmist World.

And, yes, the headline is really the only mention of ‘climate change’. Perhaps the author, Jayce Wagner, realized that they’re both fake and based on slight of hand.

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One Response to “Warmists Very Upset House Recognizes Magic But Not ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jeffery says:

    I didn’t see any evidence of anyone being very upset. Or even a little upset. I guess the truth isn’t very click worthy.

    The problem isn’t that the Republicans took the time to honor and maintain the art of magic, the problem is that the Republicans believe magic.

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