Keith Olbermann Has A Sad, And Will Move From His Cushy Trump Building Casa

Or, so he says in an op-ed at the Washington Post

Keith Olbermann: I can’t stand to live in a Trump building anymore

Okay, Donnie, you win.

I’m moving out.

Not moving out of the country — not yet anyway. I’m merely moving out of one of New York’s many buildings slathered in equal portions with gratuitous gold and the name “Trump.” Nine largely happy years with an excellent staff and an excellent reputation (until recently, anyway) — but I’m out of here.

So, the place is fantastic, there are no problems other than a juvenile hissy fit over the name.

I’m getting out because of the degree to which the very name “Trump” has degraded the public discourse and the nation itself. I can’t hear, or see, or say that name any longer without spitting. Frankly, I’m running out of Trump spit.

Some people take their politics a little to personally, and revert to elementary school personas. Keith was like this when George W. Bush was president, too.

And, yes, I’m fully aware that I’m blaming a guy with the historically unique fashion combination of a cheap baseball cap and Oompa Loompa makeup for coarsening politics even though, out of the two of us, I’m the one who has promulgated a “Worst Persons in the World” list for most of the past decade. That’s how vulgar this has all become. It’s worse even than Worst Persons.

This is the campaign of a PG-rated cartoon character running for president, interrupting a string of insults the rest of us abandoned in the seventh grade only long enough to resume a concurrent string of half-crazed boasts: We’re gonna start winning again! We’re gonna build an eleventy-billion-foot-high wall! We’re not gonna pay a lot for this muffler!

So, he’s complaining about Trump degrading public discourse, then goes down the same sleazy road with juvenile insults. Go figure.

But, he does have a point about Trump. But, Trump has a point about winning, with a couple more primary wins Tuesday, taking 3 of 4. Left leaning Cannonfire has this to say

Born to wealth, he offers no alternative to plutocracy. He has no programs. No policies. He never offer specifics — on anything.

His message is simple: The government is run by “morons.” Them dumb: Me smart. And that’s it. Those four words are all that Donald Trump has to offer.

But even his followers are starting to wonder: If this guy is so smart, why doesn’t he know how to behave in public?

Good points. Then there’s this point

Republicans would overwhelmingly be satisfied with Cruz (+32), Rubio (+28), or Kasich (+23) at the top of the ticket. Trump? He’s barely above water (+3), with one-third of the party faithful reporting that they’d be “very dissatisfied,” if he’s the nominee,more than double anyone else’s negative tally on that point. This is a deeply polarizing and controversial figure within his own (current) party. Among voters broadly, he’s a five-alarm dumpster fire:

On the question of being trustworthy and honest, 69% said no. 73% say he does not have the experience to be president. 72% say he has the wrong personality and temperament. How does that translate into a general election win?

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3 Responses to “Keith Olbermann Has A Sad, And Will Move From His Cushy Trump Building Casa”

  1. Hank_M says:

    Al Sharpton, Miley Cyrus, and 2 bimbos from the view “threatening to leave the country and now Olbermann threatening to move if Trump is elected?

    Someone help me with the downside here.

  2. Dana says:

    Mr Olbermann said:

    Frankly, I’m running out of Trump spit.

    Then it must be time for him to Trump swallow.

  3. Hey Mr. Good,

    I wrote about this one too:

    I hope you like it and maybe, possibly link to it.



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