Global Warming Today: Meat Is Murder Or Something

So, you’re thinking of a burger for lunch and a steak for dinner? You’re looking forward to spring so you can crack open the grill and cook up some awesome strip steaks? Heck, maybe you’ve said “damn the cold and snow, we’re grilling out!” Well, you’re a murderer. So says Vice’s Matt Smith

Meat Is Murder — On the Climate, Anyway

Beware the cows.

Sure, it looks like we’ve got them where we want them, penned up in farms, easily led to the meat-packing plants. But in an ongoing display of passive resistance, they may be trying to take us with them.

Beyond the fat and cholesterol, they’re also one of the leading sources of methane — a planet-warming greenhouse gas with 25 times the punch of carbon dioxide on a 100-year time scale. And those emissions are expected to go up planet-wide as developing countries urbanize and get richer, putting a Western-style diet within the reach of billions more people.

So, it will allow people starving in 3rd world sh*tholes, er, developing nations, to get enough food? What’s the downside? Why is it that 1st World Warmists are always trying to deny those in 3rd world nations the same benefits the 1st Worlders have?

And when you total up the effect of all the feed, fertilizer, and fuel involved in modern farming, that quarter-pound cheeseburger ends up having the same carbon footprint as a nearly seven-mile (11-kilometer) drive, said Dawn Undurraga, a nutritionist with the nonprofit Environmental Working Group.

So, Warmists shouldn’t have either, in order to save Gaia? Chicken and pork are not quite as bad, but, they’re still EVIL.

Worldwide, livestock account for about 15 percent of global emissions — and reducing consumption “will be critical” to hitting the climate change targets world leaders set in Paris in December, the British think-tank Chatham House estimates. That pact set a goal of limiting climate change to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) over pre-industrial times, a mark the world is roughly halfway toward already.

“A shift to healthier patterns of meat-eating could bring a quarter of the emissions reductions we need to keep on track for a two-degree world,” Chatham House reported in November.

The notion here is that millions, many even billions or trillions!!!!!!!!!1!!! will die if the temperature of the earth goes up a wee bit, so, all you people should mostly stop eating meat, otherwise, doom.

Eating too much meat also contributes to the rise of obesity and the spread of chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. But worldwide consumption is expected to expand more than 75 percent by 2050 — and few people are aware of the connection between climate change and diet, Chatham House noted.

“Few people care about the connection between climate change and diet.” Fixed that.

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16 Responses to “Global Warming Today: Meat Is Murder Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    William typed:

    millions, many even billions or trillions!!!!!!!!!1!!! will die if the temperature of the Earth goes up a wee bit

    Now, now… calm down. It is literally impossible for global warming or even global thermonuclear war or a giant asteroid strike to kill trillions of humans.

    2 degrees C is a wee bit of warming?

    If you went to the doctor and found your temperature had gone from 98.6 F to 102.2 F and was expected to continue to rise, would you be a wee bit concerned? Would you Deny that you were warming or just ignore the rise? What if the doc said there was a 10% chance your temperature would rise to 106F unless you took $1000 worth of an antibiotic? Would you do it?

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Would you do it?

    -the little guy who exaggerates often and likes to use false analogies

  3. Jeffery says:

    – the little guy who sucks puppies typed about exaggeration,

    I didn’t say global warming would kill trillions!!!!, William did.

    What’s false? William claims that a 3.6F increase in temperature is “wee”.

    Would you see a doctor if your temperature rapidly jumped to 102.2F and rising? Or would you Deny the legitimacy of the thermometer-medical complex? Can you adapt to a long-term body temp of 102.2F? 103.2F? 104.2F? You can probably adapt to the dehydration, seizures, infertility, and hallucinations, but these will have negative impacts on your life. Like global warming, your long term temperature increase can have the occasional benefit (your infertility).

    One way the analogy DOES breaks down is that William’s 102.2F fever only impacts him. Let’s make it more like global warming, in that William’s untreated and rising fever will spread to others, including his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. What if the children’s generation is 103.2F, the grandchildren’s generation 104.2F, the great grandchildren’s 105.2F?

    Ask dave the doctor if a continuing “wee” increase in body temperature is a threat.

    In fact, a 2C increase in the mean global surface temperature is not “wee” or “miniscule”. It’s real, it’s serious and is already changing the way humans live.

  4. Dana says:

    Jeffrey fouls up his analogies:

    2 degrees C is a wee bit of warming?

    If you went to the doctor and found your temperature had gone from 98.6 F to 102.2 F and was expected to continue to rise, would you be a wee bit concerned?

    If that 2º C is between -1º and +1º C, then yeah, it’s significant; if it’s between +2º and +4º C, then no, it’s not nearly as significant.

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    For the little guy who exaggerates often…

    It turns out the alarmists, with all their climate doom and gloom, have only succeeded in spreading depression among themsleves and those around them.

  6. john says:

    Also Dana please remember that rise is the AVERAGE global temp rise
    The Northern Hemisphere is warming much faster than the Southern which is mostly water, where comparatively few people live (full disclosure I live in the Northern Hemisphere)
    Temps that brought about the Ice Ages were 6-8 C lower than now.

  7. john says:

    Drowning puppies
    Any comment on the fast rising morbidity rates of middle aged white men ? They say that the stress is killing them. They try and medicate with drugs and alcohol but that just kills them off quick
    Is Obama making them slowly kill themselves?

  8. xtron says:

    can’t eat cows and pigs….o.k…so where do we get the protien needed for a healthy life??
    chickens and turkeys?? they are only less evil, according to the articl.
    wild deer and antlope??? omg!! you can’t kill bambi!! besides, the wildlife population would be hunted to extintion in a very short time.
    fish?? nope..the seas, lakes, and rivers would be empty shortly after bambi is shot and eaten.
    that leaves beans and going vegan. has anyone done a study on the carbon foot print needed to grow enough beans and other vegetable protien to feed the entire human popultion??

    that leaves the desired option of the green movement…the one they will not openly admit to…a huge reduction in the human population…with the greens deciding who lives and who starves.

    thanks, but no thanks..i think it is wiser and kinder to figure out how to adapt to warming than to kill millions of people trying to stop it.

  9. john says:

    about 25% of human caused methane is from livestock i.e. beef milk pork production
    Teach you also seem to have forgotten to mention that when methane decomposes in the atmosphere it “burns” and become CO2 water vapor and heat
    There is about 220 times more CO2 than methane

  10. john says:

    I choose to eat more seafood. When it does come to mammal flesh I usually try to go with lamb. It is cleaner as it is still almost entirely grass fed, some Colorado lamb is finished at feedl lots but not so much

  11. Jeffery says:

    Dava makes no sense, mixes his metaphors and confuses idioms.

    Hey Dava. Who pays you to build roads?

  12. Jeffery says:

    xtron makes a good point.

    Humans DO require high quality protein in their diets. Typically about 50 grams (about 2 oz) per day. Milk, eggs, cheese, beef, turkey, chicken, pork, shrimp, fish, beans, peanuts etc are sources.

    How much do you need? Most meats and fish supply about 20-25 g protein per 3 oz serving. A cup of Greek yogurt about the same. A serving of cottage cheese too. Beans, peas, quinoa, peanut butter are good too.

    50g x 7 billion = 350 billion grams of protein needed each day around the world.

    That’s about a billion pounds of protein/day needed to supply the world’s peoples, or about 3 billion pounds of meat, milk, seafood etc per day to satisfy the basic needs.

    A typical steer yields about 700 lbs of beef… so we need to consume about 4 million steer equivalents per day. Or over 1 billion steer equivalents per year to meet the minimum.

    The point the “alarmists” make is that beef production is the most greenhouse gas rich way to produce protein, being 40 times worse than beans and 10 times worse than chicken.

  13. Jl says:

    So guess what? Nobody is going to stop eating meat except for a few crystal ball-gazers, and it won’t make a difference. More nonsense from the climate circus.

  14. Jl says:

    And professor Jeffery tries to compare a 2degree change in the human body where the normal range is maybe plus or minus 2 degrees to the earth with temperatures ranging form 30-50 below zero F. to 120 F or so above zero. How lame.

  15. Jeffery says:

    j is wrong again.

    Up until the last century of so, the range for the mean global surface temperature during the Holocene epoch (the only period important to human civilization) has been 1C, so a 2C rise is significant.

    Your citing the temperature highs and lows between Antarctica and the Sahara is irrelevant. How lame. It’s like saying since the pH in the human body ranges from 1 (stomach) to 8 (intestinal secretions) that anywhere within that range is suitable for the entire body! How lame.

    That you and yours are working so hard to disprove my analogy proves it must be right!

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