NY Times: ‘Climate Change” Could Cause Contagious Cancer

Today’s scaremonger, via the Paper Of Record (via Climate Depot and Junk Science)

Scientists Ponder the Prospect of Contagious Cancer

Imagine if instead, cancer cells had the ability to press on to another body. A cancer like that would have the power to metastasize not just from organ to organ, but from person to person, evolving deadly new skills along the way.

While there is no sign of an imminent threat, several recent papers suggest that the eventual emergence of a contagious human cancer is in the realm of medical possibility. This would not be a disease, like cervical cancer, that is set off by the spread of viruses, but rather one in which cancer cells actually travel from one person to another and thrive in their new location.

No sign of imminent threat, except our old pal Hotcoldwetdry, at least as it applies to just one animal, the Tasmanian Devil, which is apparently passing on cancer as they attempt to rip each other’s faces off

One theory is that the animals are unusually vulnerable. Driven so close to extinction — by climate change, perhaps, or human predators — the species is lacking in genetic diversity.

Of course, it can only be anthropogenic climate change, rather than what has been going on for billions of years. Why? Because shut up, that’s why. Why are you such a science hater?

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