Outrage: One-third Of Teachers Bring “Climate Denial” To The Class

Because education is bad, and only certain viewpoints are allowed. Can’t have Wrongthink, you know (via Jo Nova)

(Science Daily) “At least one in three teachers bring climate change denial into the classroom, claiming that many scientists believe climate change is not caused by humans” says NCSE programs and policy director Josh Rosenau.

As Jo notes, how is this possible after all these decades of spreading awareness and stuff? But, wait, it gets worse!

Worse, half of the surveyed teachers have allowed students to discuss the supposed ‘controversy’ over climate change without guiding students to the scientifically supported conclusion.” Scarier still: three out of five teachers were unaware of, or actively misinformed about, the near total scientific consensus on climate change.

God no! Allowing discussion in an institution of learning? How dare they! Jo goes on to note

Repeat after me: Science is the study of opinion polls.

In the world of the Cult of Climastrology, it is all based on opinions, manufactured consensus, and manufactured data and computer models. It has almost nothing to do with science. If it did, the people who tell us it’s a crisis would act like it’s a crisis in their own lives.

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10 Responses to “Outrage: One-third Of Teachers Bring “Climate Denial” To The Class”

  1. John says:

    Actively disallowing holocaust denial?
    Have we got yo that point where we are not allowing equal time to the Nazi viewpoint?
    Horrors!!! Thank you for pointing out that equal time should be given to all politically correct viewpoints
    I thinkbwevalso need to be taught more about the Greek Gods which teachings are currently mocked as “mythology”
    It is only pic if ALL viewpoints are validated

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Clean up on aisle 3 as john is spewing forth nonsense again.

    Actively disallowing holocaust denial?
    Have we got yo that point where we are not allowing equal time to the Nazi viewpoint?

    The problem with john’s position here is that he is trying to equate history with science. (All the while bringing Godwin’s law into play.)

    John’s point however, is central to his way and the leftist way of thinking: don’t allow students to learn to think but tell and demand what they think.

    In john’s world, the existence of holocaust deniers should be ignored. Instead of teaching kids to think critically and how to deal with viewpoints other than ones john supports, he would rather just ban viewpoints willy-nilly.

    One wonders why john is afraid of teachers questioning what many scientists question. One wonders why john is afraid of students examining information and data.

    I thinkbwevalso need to be taught more about the Greek Gods which teachings are currently mocked as “mythology”

    And here again we see john’s ignorance on display. (Which is why one should question anything that john supports.)

    The etymology of the term “mythology” is not what john claims it to be.

    The suffix “ology” comes from Greek meaning “to reason and speak of.” The term “myth” comes from unknown origins, but it means “the telling of history, stories, legends or tales by word of mouth.” (It is not until the mid 19th century – long after “mythology was in use – that the term “myth” took on a meaning it carries today of “a false story.”)

    The 19th century derivation of the word “myth” does not change the meaning of “mythology” which means to “reason and speak of the telling of history, stories, legends or tales told by word of mouth.”

    It is always interesting when uber-liberals make claims of banning certain thoughts and ideas based upon their own ignorance.

  3. Jeffery says:

    There are at two equal sides to every story!!

    The Earth may be a sphere, or maybe not. The Earth may be 4 billion years old, or 6000 years old. Smoking may cause lung cancer, but maybe not. Humans and dinosaurs were separated by over 60 million years, but maybe not. Men and dinosaurs, living together!! AIDS is caused by HIV, or maybe by nitrate poppers. Radical Muslims flew planes into the World Trade Center, or maybe Bush/Cheney were responsible. Men walked on the moon, or perhaps it was staged in Hollywood. The Earth is warming from CO2 we’ve added to the atmosphere, or maybe it’s magic.

  4. Jeffery says:

    We should teach science in science class.

    Based on the available evidence, almost all physical and Earth scientists are confident the Earth is warming from CO2 humans have added to the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels for the past century. It’s a fact that atmospheric carbon dioxide absorbs heat emitted by the Earth, blocking the loss of heat to outer space. This is called the greenhouse effect and is the reason the Earth is habitable by humans – otherwise the overall temperature of the Earth (below 0 degrees F!) would be too cold to support human life. It’s also a fact that the increase in atmospheric CO2 experienced since the beginning of the industrial revolution has resulted from the conversion of long chain carbons stored for millions of years in coal, oil and gas to CO2 from burning. Almost all physical and Earth scientists attribute the recent rapid warming of the Earth to this increased CO2 in the atmosphere. A very small number of physical and Earth scientists are not persuaded by the available evidence, and either think the Earth is not warming at all or that if it is warming the causes are probably natural, although unexplained at this time.

    Tommy: Teacher, is there really any proof that burning coal is causing the Earth to warm?

    Teacher: No Tommy, there is no direct proof. But direct scientific proof is rare. Scientists depend on all the evidence to inform them of the reasonableness of a scientific theory. Sometimes a theory can be shown to be untrue. For example, it used to be thought that stomach ulcers were caused by stress, but it’s now known that most cases are caused by a bacterial infection. And in olden days, people used to think the Earth was only a few thousand years old, now most scientists belief the Earth is over 4 billion years old!

    Suzy: My daddy says the idea that the a miniscule amount of a gas added to the air can’t possibly cause the Earth to warm.

    Teacher: It’s possible your daddy doesn’t have as much information about global warming as the scientists. Remember, the miniscule amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is what allows humans to live here, otherwise the Earth would be largely covered with ice. Most scientists are convinced that adding more CO2 to the air will make the Earth warm even more.

    Kwan: Teacher, I heard Sean Hannity say that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the communists and their sympathizers so they can make Americans live in caves.

    Teacher: Kwan, Mr. Hannity is an entertainer, who says outrageous things for money. He is not a scientist and has shown no aptitude for understanding the science of global warming. Your mommy and daddy should monitor your TV habits more closely.

    Mary Ellen: My Sunday School teacher said that God and Jesus would not let the Earth warm enough to hurt us.

    Teacher: Your Sunday School teacher may be right (although it’s unlikely), but scientists cannot rely on magic or divine intervention to test the validity of their theories. They have to rely on scientific evidence and the current evidence point to the Earth warming from CO2.

    Lacy: Will the Earth burst into flames?

    Teacher: No, the Earth will not get hot enough to burst into flames.

    Tommy: So why worry about global warming?

    Teacher: Because as the Earth continues to warm it will get even harder for humans to live the way they are now. We will be forced to find new sources for fresh water, new places to grow our food and new places to live. And although there is not much we can do to stop the next couple degrees warming, we can slow our CO2 production to help the people hundreds of years from now live better lives.

  5. Pygmy Rattler says:

    John, you need to get back to breading the chicken;and you Jeffrey,need to get back to frying the chicken. There are customers waiting!

  6. david7134 says:

    Thank to the liberal/communist bunch we don’t even know what the temperature of the world is. Then, the connection between CO2 and climate is laughable, but even if proven beyond a doubt (and you must “prove” it, not associate the two) then your only answer is world government, excessive taxes and significantly increasing the power of our already excessively powerful government. And all this without a meaningful reduction in CO2. Why not advocate a filter? Or something along similar lines? That is what is making your religion unpalatable.

  7. gitarcarver says:

    There are at two equal sides to every story!!


    But that doesn’t mean that unsettled issues cannot be discussed. It also doesn’t mean that students cannot learn to critically think for themselves.

    Based on the available evidence, almost all physical and Earth scientists are confident the Earth is warming from CO2 humans have added to the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels for the past century.

    And that is a lie as well.

    CAUTION: Leftists at work who are afraid of actual thought but want to shove unproven science down the throats of people.

  8. Jo Nova says:

    ” almost all physical and Earth scientists are confident …”

    Let’s check the data. “Only 36 percent of geoscientists and engineers believe that humans are creating a global warming crisis, according to a survey reported in the peer-reviewed Organization Studies.”

  9. Jeffery says:


    This paper?


    Who were the engineers and geoscientists surveyed? You’re using a paper you criticized sharply for concluding that petroleum industry employees are more likely to be “skeptics” than real scientists? You’re using that data to support your argument?

    Who were the engineers and geoscientists surveyed? For the most part petroleum industry engineers from Alberta, Canada. Wouldn’t your headline have been more accurate if you had claimed that “36% of petroleum company employees from Alberta, Canada believe that global warming is mostly natural”. Care to explain to the hapless readers here what APEGA is? Here, I’ll help – Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

    APEGA surveyed 40,000 members in 2007 of which only 1077 responded.

    JoNova typed in her blog:

    Not to pull punches, this study, like so many, was done by researchers who don’t seem to know what science is, don’t test their base assumptions, and unwittingly build their own mental-contructs around activist PR, mistaking it for “scientific truth”.

    You’re using data from a paper where you claim the “researchers don’t seem to know what science is”? And you’re using said data that you don’t believe because it supports your argument (but only if you hide the source of the data – oil industry employees)?

    William: I stand corrected. You are not the most dishonest science denier extant.

    Lucy: Teacher, JoNova says that only 36% of physical and Earth scientists find the evidence in support of the theory of AGW to be convincing.

    Teacher: Lucy, unfortunately, some people, e.g., Ms. Nova, don’t always tell the truth.

  10. Jeffery says:

    dava typed:

    Why not advocate a filter?

    Haven’t we settled this? Burning a gallon of gasoline generates about 18 pounds of carbon dioxide that you have to collect on your filter. At the end of the year of driving your SUV (20 gals/wk x 50 weeks = 1000 gallons x 18 pounds = 9 tons + filter material!!) you’ve got several tons of carbon dioxide and sorbent material. Where are you going to put it?? No wonder we prefer just to pump it into the air!

    The laws of physics haven’t been repealed.

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