Climate Scientists Devolve Into Crying Jags Over “The End Of The World”

I know that other Warmists will comiserate with this article, having been brainwashed by all the doom and gloom prognosticated by other members of the Cult of Climastrology. Me? This article first made me roll my eyes, then facepalm, then loosen a morning laugh, it’s just that absurd


Terry Root often goes to sleep at night wondering how she’ll be able to get up the next morning and do it all over again. Then the sun comes up and she forces herself out of bed. She might go for a run to release the pent-up anxiety. Sometimes she cries. Or she’ll commiserate with colleagues, sharing in and validating each other’s angst. What keeps Terry up at night aren’t the usual ailments; it’s not a tyrant boss or broken heart.

The diagnosis: global warming.

A senior fellow at Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment, Root has spent the past two decades unraveling the thread between climate change and the eventual mass extinctions of countless species of plants, animals — and, yes, humans. “That’s a tough, tough thing to cope with,” Root says in a weary, jagged voice. There’s more. When the gray-haired bird watcher shares her End of Days findings, she’s often met with personal attacks; naysayers hurl their disagreement and disdain, complete with name-calling and threats from politicians. But the absolute worst part of her job? We’re not listening. “It’s harder than hell to carry that,” says Root.

Armageddon aside for a moment, that an acclaimed scientist will say h-e-l-l to a reporter and use words like cope is a sign of changing times. Not only are we living on a warming planet but a progressively emotive one. It started with parents coddling their kids (no more advice to “just suck it up”), then it was emojis (punctuation isn’t enough) and now it’s climatologists tweeting “we’re f’d” and field researchers speaking up about climate depression — or even pretraumatic stress disorder.

They’ve basically brought this upon themselves. Their constant proclamations of future doom and gloom based on political talking points and failed computer models has fed their own anxieties, creating “pretraumatic stress disorder”, another way of say “they’ve made themselves mental wrecks over something that isn’t happening.”

And now there’s the website Is This How You Feel?, which publishes handwritten letters from climate scientists expressing their frustrations, fears and hopes. One professor writes, “It’s probably the first time I have ever been asked to say what I feel rather than what I think.” Another scrawls, “I feel exasperation and despair. … I feel vulnerable that by writing this letter I will expose myself to trolling and vitriol.” Joe Duggan, the mohawked Aussie with a nose ring and master’s degree in the growing field of science communications who manages the site, says he’s been shocked at how many responses he’s gotten in the mail: “There is a movement of scientists looking for new ways to connect; they’re emoting in ways they never have before,” he says.

Ooooooh, I’m going to have to check that one out. Sounds like a hoot. And these people are all nuts.

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2 Responses to “Climate Scientists Devolve Into Crying Jags Over “The End Of The World””

  1. gbear says:

    Life is to short to read a bunch of whining crap. Were it not for grants there would not be AGW theories and Big Eco..

  2. JGlanton says:

    I was in a national park over Christmas and, as, usual, there were signs of global warming everywhere. It was making my companion feel bad for all of the animals and trees being hurt by man. When I say “signs”, I mean that literally, they put up signs explaining why animals and trees were dying off due to climate change. The usual canards about the pika, marmot, birds, and evergreen trees.

    So I had to go through the tiresome process of explaining the signs to her. “See here where it says “some think, may, if man continues, based on projections, etc.?”. “Look closely at this chart and see how CO2 rise follows temp. rise?”. “Here is where the park was under ice, and here is where it was warmer than now, and we are actually lucky to be here without ice covering everything”. Then I had to explain the Pika BS and how there are so many variables the contribute to the decline of the species, including man’s construction of roads, and the notion that climate change is the one variable that should be believed is preposterous. Then I had to explain the whole pine bark beetle thing was due to a drought that even NOAA explains as a natural event, not climate change.

    Then I had to explain that all the fancy custom engraved signs were there because 1/3 of all climate change money goes towards spending on the “what if” science, and that the parks all get money to spend so they have to do something with it and if they do, they can blend some of the labor into relieving their general overhead so they will jump on it.

    She felt much better in the end but her head was spinning so we hopped on the ‘free’ hybrid shuttle bus that saves us from global warming and went over to the lounge and got a drink and read all the signs about how the were reducing emissions and reusing resources in the process of getting us our liquor and bar snacks.

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