Trump Goes After Bill Clinton: “Penchant For Sexism”

Have you heard the one about Bill Clinton taking a bigger role in Hillary’s campaign? I wonder how that’s going to work out?

(The Hill) Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump late Saturday blasted the announcement that former President Bill Clinton will campaign for his wife, Hillary Clinton.

The real estate mogul said the former president has a “penchant for sexism” in a tweet.

The Democratic front-runner said in an interview last week that Trump has “a penchant for sexism” after the billionaire said she “got schlonged” in losing to then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008.

“It’s not the first time he’s demonstrated a penchant for sexism,” Hillary Clinton told the Des Moines Register. “Again, I’m not sure anybody’s surprised that he keeps pushing the envelope.”

Trump later warned Clinton to “be careful as you play the war on women or women being degraded card.”

I’ll easily admit, I’m not fan of Donald Trump. Yes, he says some good things, and he holds a few positions that I agree with, but he also holds many positions I do not agree with. Some are liberal, some are very very leftist, some are GOP Establishment. That said, if Hillary wants to play this game, The Donald is the guy who will fight back, and fight back hard. He won’t be aiming shots at the gloves, or even body blows. He’ll be attempting to aim shots at the jaw, see how glass it is.

And there are lots of shots he can take. Bill has been credibly accused of sexual assault and rape by many women. He has tended to treat women as objects and play-things. While Mika Brzezinski might think that bringing up Bill Clinton’s ‘misogynistic, sexist’ past is misogynistic and sexist, it is entirely appropriate and relevant to bring up Bill’s past, and the way Hillary enabled him, particularly if he’s going to be a bigger figure in her campaign.

The one thing you can count on from Trump is that he will not back down. He will not offer groveling apologies and/or squishy musings like many Republicans. When Trump says “be careful”, it’s a warning.

BTW, isn’t it sexist for Bill to have to ride in to help out a woman?

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2 Responses to “Trump Goes After Bill Clinton: “Penchant For Sexism””

  1. Jeffery says:

    Trump wants to fight the vile Clintons and their killing machine? Don’t they have people assassinated? President vile Bill is meaner and smarter than The Donald, and has a less checkered past. Vile Bill’s dalliances are well vetted, and he’s not a candidate. Do you think the vile Clinton machine has any opposition research on candidate Trump’s shady business dealings and his bizarre sexual past?

    President vile Hillary should just ignore Trump’s schoolyard taunts and concentrate on policy. Serious candidates need to recognize that Trump can’t win a national election

    If he wins the GOP nomination, the wealthy will leave the party, and Hillary wins in a landslide. On the other hand, his candidacy will bring new blood to the party, reinvigorating and recruiting disaffected whites leading to gains in the House and a locally. The new GOP long game is to win locally and suppress Democratic voters at the state level (see Kentucky).

    Trump has yet to make a policy statement – and is the Republican frontrunner. No surprise there. The new Re-pubic-ans are transitioning from a serious policy party to the party of Christian Caucasian Conservatives. The wealthy will ride the CCC for as long as they can tolerate the bad press. Trump says whatever is necessary to keep the CCC base agitated – deport the Mexicans, ban the Muslims, Hillary is a lesbian, cut taxes for the wealthy, increase defense spending, beat up the Chinese, block Ford from building a plant in Mexico, everyone else is a pussy (except him and Putin). He is the first post-truth candidate – no lie goes undefended – never back down; never apologize.

    Anyway, the Dems welcome Trump, and fear potentially electable candidates like Christy and Rubio the most.

    Trump/Palin 2016!

  2. jl says:

    So J never actually refutes what Trump said, because he can’t- yet all Trump does is tell lies, according to J. He’s just pointing out the Dems double-standard on sexism. It’s ok with Libs, but not with Conservatives. “Has yet to make a policy statement.” Really? Increase defense spending, keep out illegals (or as J dramatically and erroneously says “deport the Mexicans”), confront the Chinese, temporarily ban Muslim immigration. Those, for the low information voter, are policy statements. That Hillary is a lesbo is still up for grabs.

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