Democrats Are Working Hard To Ruin Christmas

Just like they try and ruin it for Everyone Else on other holidays by interjected their Social Justice Warrior brand of insanity politics

See, if you don’t believe in abortion on demand, massive new government control of your life to stop hundredths of a degree of temperature rise, confiscation and restrictions on guns, Obamacare, and so on, then Democrats feel the need to harangue their relatives. Then they went went with

And then they repeated the first one 5 hours ago. Because nothing says “I understand my deeply held beliefs and can discuss them like an adult” like having to rely on talking points to shriek at your relatives.

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2 Responses to “Democrats Are Working Hard To Ruin Christmas”

  1. Hoss says:

    Yeah, the Republican uncle that they all run to when they need a job, get popped for a DUI, or need a “small” loan to get them through a “rough patch.”

  2. […] take just another short little break from my holiday break from blogging to let you know that the Democrats still want to ruin your holiday. This time they want to ruin Christmas, of course. Ruining Thanksgiving was just a warm up […]

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