Bummer: A Tiny Increase in CO2 Is Killing Off Trees Or Something

If only trees would figure out a way to take CO2 and use it for food. Anyhow, here’s the apocalyptic headline from an article by the Huffington Post’s Nadya Agrawai

Climate Change Killing Trees Off At Alarming Rates

Oh, noes, complete and utter doom…..hey. Wait a minute. What does the subhead say?

A study projects evergreen trees in the Southwest could almost disappear in the next century.

The subhead matches the original permalink, which would be close to what the original headline would have been, because that’s the way the software for publishing essentially works in these cases. If I hit publish with the above headline, then change it to “Bat Guano Insane Warmists Freaking Think Trees Will Disappear”, the permalink will stay the same, unless I manually go in to change it.

A recent study has determined that if global warming continues unchecked at its current projected pace, we could see nearly all needleleaf evergreen trees die in the Southwest U.S. within the next hundred years.

The University of Delaware published its study, a product of five years of field research, today in the journal Nature Climate Change. The study projects a “72 percent loss of needleleaf evergreens by 2050” and “almost 100 percent by 2100” due to climate change.

So, it’s not actually happening now, but, doom could mayby possibly sorta come in the future, if Everyone Else would just accept massive government control of their lives.

They used global warming simulation models, regional predictions and field results to reach their ultimate conclusion: Climate change is ushering in a mass tree die-off.

When I play Duke Nukem 3D, there are lots of mass die-offs. And, like this study, it’s not real.

Seriously, how did these trees survive during previous warm periods? Seriously, it’s hard to take these nutjobs seriously. Of course, while you shouldn’t take their science seriously in the least, you should take their intentions seriously, based on their need for Progressivism, ie, nice fascism.

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4 Responses to “Bummer: A Tiny Increase in CO2 Is Killing Off Trees Or Something”

  1. david7134 says:

    While in Europe, I talked to a number of people and they are all bummed out over the climate. One guy in Amsterdam was upset as the cannels used to freeze and now they don’t, I didn’t want to point out that if the froze that commerce would stop and he would complain about that. Besides, he was referring to a period about 50 years ago and at the time the Christmas temp in Louisiana was 100 degrees. So, while I was sweating during the season, he was skating. Seems the temp is doing better from my aspect.

  2. Jeffery says:

    CO2 is not killing trees directly but indirectly by causing warming and other climate changes. It’s in the article.

    The “tiny” increase in CO2 is actually a 40% increase. 40% increases in serum Ca++, Na+ or K+ will make you sick if not kill you.

    What other warm periods are you alluding to? Clearly it’s as warm now as it’s been at any other period during the Holocene – and destined to get even warmer! Note that the article didn’t mention extinction of species, only that trees in a particular region would die off.

  3. Hoss says:

    The alarmists reverting back to ignoring the fact that we’ve had ages of ice and thaw. Earth has never changed; Africa never had streams and lakes and a lush, green landscape, etc. Evidently nothing ever changed on God’s green Earth until man came along. Those morons come straight out of the pages of The Onion.

  4. Jeffery says:


    Do you really believe scientists have forgotten the Earth’s history, since they are the ones who discovered it? Do you believe that prior warm and cold periods millions of years ago invalidates the Theory of AGW? Why?

    What is causing the current period of rapid warming?

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