Guardian Provides Reasons To Be Sad And Gloomy Over Paris Climahysteric Agreement

This just goes to show, Warmists are never satisfied, and second, that this agreement is idiotic, not “historic”

Climate change deal: five reasons to be glad, five to be gloomy

Why we should be glad
1 If temperatures can be held to a rise of 1.5C, catastrophe may be averted (these people sound like the same who stand on corners with “Repent: the end is nigh” signs)

2 Targets are set, and governments can be held to account (alas, no, as this is non-binding with no force of law)

3 Air pollution and the importance of preserving forests are now under the spotlight (sadly, they’re more worried about “carbon pollution” rather than real air pollutants. Furthermore, “green” initiatives have increased the use of wood for heating, particularly in Europe)

4 Much greater investment in renewable technology is promised (this would be great, if it wasn’t being used to reward political donors, who rarely seem to create anything new and/or usable)

5 Vulnerable countries will get $100bn a year to help adapt to climate change (essentially, this is a redistribution scheme. But, hey, maybe the US can stop being the provider of money round the world now)

Then we have

Why we should be gloomy
1 Countries will wriggle out of their commitments (again, non-binding, voluntary, no force of law, and countries can give a 1 year notice that they are pulling out. Not that Kyoto worked in the least previously)

2 The agreement buys us time, but will it be enough? (the agreement actually does nothing to get to 2C number that was picked out of a hat)

3 Most agreements benefit big business over small landholders (Surprise!!!! Politicians favoring their donor class)

4 Climate change assistance may be funded by diverting aid (taking from useful programs to fund this politically motivated boondoggle)

5 There is no legal responsibility for rich countries to help poorer ones with adapting to climate change (there’s no legal responsibility whatsoever. But, the US has done more to help people in other countries than any other country since the end of WWII, and all we get is hatred)

At the end of the day, what we see is a political document that does nothing, is unworkable, is non-binding, voluntary, has no force of law, but, it does allow a bunch of politicians to say they’re Doing Something with their sound-bites. Meanwhile, there are real environmental and other issues out there in the world. Poverty, terrorism, horrendous treatment of women in many countries, Islamic extremism, slavery, child labor, the list goes on an on. And these morons are worried about a tiny increase in global temperatures in over 160, which, whether it’s mostly/solely anthropogenic or mostly/solely natural, should be of little concern. But, Warmists are concerned because they are part of the overall Progressive movement (nice fascism), designed to put more and more power in the hands of these same people, along with higher and higher taxes.

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3 Responses to “Guardian Provides Reasons To Be Sad And Gloomy Over Paris Climahysteric Agreement”

  1. John says:

    Well Teach which of those other problems are you willing to change your own personal lifestyle to solve?
    Teach during the last ice age temps were about 4-6C colder than mid 20th century
    Can you see how little average temp differences can make a large difference in climate ? We have already seen a 1C rise if/when it hoes up anothe 1C it will have reached 50% of the amount if anomaly that caused the last ice age which also had CO2 levels about 1/2 of what they are now

  2. Well Teach which of those other problems are you willing to change your own personal lifestyle to solve?

    None. I don’t believe in AGW/climate change.

    Though, it would be nice if Warmists would drop this whole pile of mule fritters, and allow us to focus on real environmental issues.

  3. jl says:

    “Can you see how small temperature changes can make a large difference in climate?” How has the climate changed, John? And small temperature changes are no proof of why the temperature allegedly changes, which is of course the main question.

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