Paris Deal Could Cost New Zealanders $100 A Year

You don’t say

(Stuff) Kiwi households will pay about $100 extra a year as part of New Zealand efforts to meet an ambitious new climate change target, Prime Minister John Key says. (Snip)

Treasury advice was that each New Zealand household would pay an extra $1350 over 15 years, or just under $100 a year, in increased petrol, electricity and energy costs to help the country meet its target.

Of course, Warmists will poo-poo this as a minimal cost to keep the world from immolating from tiny amounts of CO2, but, what’s not included are the increased costs from others seeing their cost of doing business rising, along with this all being a static number based on future prognostications. Hey, maybe the cost will be much less. Based on the history of the last 20 years, the cost of these green initiatives has been much, much more, including loss of jobs, increased energy costs, increased cost of living, and so forth.

Who does this hurt the most? The lower and middle classes. Not that Progressives care in the least. Until their own costs rise.

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2 Responses to “Paris Deal Could Cost New Zealanders $100 A Year”

  1. John says:

    Teach in the USA the percentage of our income spent on energy has decreased from 8% under Reagan to about 6% under Obama and still dropping
    That 100$ cost per household (2.5 persons) is about 00.15% would you consider this skyrocketing?
    Oil went to 34$ today when Iran begins increased pimping in January it is going even Lowe
    The production costs for the Canadian tar sands is about 60$
    If the Keystone XL pipeline was built there would be nothing to pump the Kochs will lose billions

  2. jl says:

    How would the Kochs lose billions if Keystone was built, as you say it? By the way, Mr. low information voter, the Keystone pipeline has already been built and is up and running. There are 4 phases- the first 3 are done. The XL (phase 4) would simply connect the same two cities as one of the other phases but in a shorter distance. So liberal “logic” goes like this: first 3 phases, ok. Fourth phase- bad.

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