Whoops: Most Cult Of Climastrology Arguments Fail

They’ve been spreading awareness since the 1980’s. They have the backing of government politicians, agencies, and massive amounts of taxpayer funds. They have their messages broadcast on a constant basis within the liberal news media. Movies and documentaries are crafted. Warmist teachers pass on the doctrine. And, yet

(Daily Caller)  A government-funded study has bad news for environmentalists: skeptics are winning the battle to sway public opinion on global warming.

Michigan State University (MSU) researchers gave nearly 1,600 participants fake news articles about global warming — both skeptical and alarmist — and had them complete surveys about their beliefs on the issue. The study was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Researchers found none of the alarmist arguments about global warming changed “core beliefs” on the subject, but survey participants presented with skeptical arguments said they are more likely to doubt man-made global warming.

From the link, which is Watts Up With That?, citing the journal Topics in Cognitive Science

The research, funded by the National Science Foundation, finds that climate-change advocates are largely failing to influence public opinion. Climate-change foes, on the other hand, are successfully changing people’s minds — Republicans and Democrats alike — with messages denying the existence of global warming.

“This is the first experiment of its kind to examine the influence of the denial messages on American adults,” said Aaron M. McCright, a sociologist and lead investigator on the study. “Until now, most people just assumed climate change deniers were having an influence on public opinion. Our experiment confirms this.”

In other words, the arguments and facts provided by the Skeptical side are winning. The Internet is probably one of the worst things that happened to Warmists, since it allowed people to view opposing viewpoints on the subject of ‘climate change.” Hence the rationale from Warmists that they need to shut down opposing voices, in their typical fascistic manner.

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One Response to “Whoops: Most Cult Of Climastrology Arguments Fail”

  1. Phil Taylor says:

    My personal experience does not confirm this. Also the climate meeting in Paris is in full swing with mostly warmest politicians.
    Canada just elected a majority government which gives them the power to make the money comitments legaly binding.
    The U.S may not be able to do that as the Senate will not pass such a deal.
    Our new PM just upped the money from 2.5 billion per year to 4.5. He may be in a good mood after spending a week or so in Paris.
    Think of all the good that could do instead of ending up in some despots pocket

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