Green Energy Is Part Of The Patriarchy

Hey, don’t blame me, I am not the one who said it

From the article

In the fight to stop climate change, many people paint carbon-neutral energy as the solution to saving the planet. But what happens when “green” energy projects threaten the existence of people, animals, and entire ecosystems living on it? Is “green” energy really the solution when it comes at such a cost? As Brazil invests heavily in hydroelectric energy projects in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while still growing its economy, the country’s indigenous movement is fighting to answer this very question.

What follows is a lot of complaining about the dam. I thought greenie weenie Warmists loved renewables? Oh, right, only in theory, not practice

When this happens, indigenous and marginalized women will suffer the most. We’ve seen it happen around the world: when communities are threatened by displacement, climate disaster, or pollution, it falls on women to do extra care work, to find food, fuel, and water when it’s scarce, and to hold the community together in the face of danger and instability.

Really, it seems that Lefties will always find some way to kill in practice what they support in theory.

A 37 percent emissions reduction is not an acceptable price for destroying ecosystems, habitats, and communities. There is nothing green, clean, or just about energy produced by treating people as collateral damage.

Sadly, this is about the same for most alternatives at this time. Strange that it takes the War On Womens to get feminists to shriek.

Though, in all honesty, buried within the shrieking are some real issues.

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One Response to “Green Energy Is Part Of The Patriarchy”

  1. Dana says:

    Every government program or economic action has winners and losers, and let’s be honest: the people who are already poor are the ones most likely to be the losers.

    That’s why you see a lot more support for government action on global warming climate change from the middle class than the working class: the middle class can more easily tolerate additional economic burdens, while the workers who live from paycheck to paycheck can’t afford it and know that they can’t afford it. And that’s a large part of the reason that the Democrats have lost the white working class voters.

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