Special Snowflake Syndrome Strikes Duke University

All the Special Snowflakes say “we’re unique, we’re all different, you can’t put us all in the same box” followed by “let’s do what they’re doing!”

(WRAL )  For the second day in a row, Triangle college students are demanding change on their campus. Students gathered Friday afternoon in Page Auditorium at Duke University to meet with administrators.

They want action from university leaders, but so far they said they feel there hasn’t been enough.

Duke students that organized the meeting said they have experienced racism and homophobia at the University. Some students said they feel that the issues have been ignored, to some degree, by university leaders.

Well, that’s weird. A very liberal institution having an atmosphere of intolerance?

“Students are fearing for their safety on campus,” Iro said. “We wanted to give them concrete things we needed as students.”

So, they don’t feel safe on a very liberal campus? Of course, by safe they don’t  mean violence, they mean from getting their feelings hurt. One of their demands is punishment for “hate speech”, which these Special Snowflakes deem as anything that offends them or makes them butthurt.

It’s going to be funny as hell when they actually have to go out into the Real World and pull these stunts, then find out that the Real World won’t coddle them. Or hire them.

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