Congress Punks Obama On Moving Gitmo Detainees To US

Obama has long wanted to close Gitmo, which house many stone cold Islamic jihadis. Why? Based on his directly post 9/11 writing, he seems to blame the US, and he apparently wants to give the little darlings civilian trials

(WRAL)  Congress sent President Barack Obama a $607 billion defense policy bill Tuesday that bans moving Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States — something Obama has been trying to do since he was sworn in as president.

The Senate’s 91-3 vote gave final legislative approval to the measure. The House overwhelmingly passed it last week, 370-58.

Obama does not like the Guantanamo provisions, but White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Obama will sign the bill.

Of course he will sign it, because there’s no way he wants to look the fool in vetoing a defense bill with massive Congressional support over Gitmo, nor fight what would easily be overridden by Congress. It’s a fight he would lose, and Democrats are surely thinking of their next election in 2016.

However, I think Republicans missed a prime chance in recommending that a facility be built to house the jihadis in Chicago’s Hyde Park area.

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