Virginia Feminists So Strong And Empowered They Need Feds To Investigate People Being Mean

The modern leftist feminist movement in a nutshell

(College Fix) The anonymous social-media app Yik Yak may be facing its biggest threat yet, owing to boorish posts against feminists at the University of Mary Washington (UMW).

The Virginia university is under fire as well for not seeking to identify the posters of crude but nonthreatening content on the app.

Dozens of feminist and civil rights groups asked the federal government to penalize universities that do not monitor, identify and punish students who post offensive content on apps like Yik Yak.

Yet shooting the messenger won’t do anything to solve the longstanding problems of harassment on campus, and punishing students for speech is probably unconstitutional, according to academics at other colleges.

Led by the Feminist Majority Foundation, which publishes Ms. magazine, the groups’ Oct. 20 letter to the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) said UMW is violating regulations against discrimination by sex, race, color and national origin.

This isn’t about threatening speech, it’s about speech that Special Snowflake Feminists do not like. Things that Offend them and trigger them and make them want to go into a safe space to play with dollies and coloring books. This is what strong, empowered leftist feminism looks like. It used to be that they stood up and fought back. Now they want The Government to penalize anyone who doesn’t toe the line, using the vast power of the government to intimidate.

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