San Francisco Liberals: Stop Calling Criminals “Criminals”, It’s Mean

Liberalism is often referred to as a mental disorder. Unfortunately, their mental disorder isn’t like type portrayed in old Monty Python shows. No, it’s more the type that puts other people in danger. This comes via Dana at The First Street Journal, who notes “The rhetorical question that is so often used, “What part of illegal don’t you understand?” might not be as rhetorical as you might think.”

(SF Gate) Is it wrong to call someone who steals a “criminal”?

In a recent thread on NextDoor, a group of neighbors living in the Noe Valley-Glen Park area were engaged in a discussion around the city’s crime and debated whether labeling a person who commits petty theft as a “criminal” is offensive.

In the site’s Crime and Safety area, where residents share strategies for fighting crime, Malkia Cyril of S.F. suggests that her neighbors stop using the label because it shows lack of empathy and understanding.Cyril pointed out that instead of calling the thief who took the bicycle from your garage a criminal, you could be more respectful and call him or her “the person who stole my bicycle.”

“I [suggest] that people who commit property crimes are human and deserved to be referred to in terms that acknowledge that,” Cyril, who’s the executive director of the Center for Media Justice in Oakland, writes in the thread.

“I think we should think twice before speaking in disparaging terms about ‘those criminals,’” she adds later in the thread.

This is the kind of Leftist insanity that wants to treat illegal immigrants, thugs, and pedophiles (especially looking at you, Salon), among others, with kid gloves. That wants to create understanding and respect for criminals, from low level to murderers. Let’s not forget the Left’s support of people like Tookie Williams and Mumia. It’s an attempt to change society for…..well, they never really say how this will benefit anyone, making this simply a case of 1st World Problemitis, where people have too much time on their hands and rather than being productive with it, they get stupid.

Cyril started the thread because she wanted to shift the NextDoor conversations about security cameras, alarms and the police to more thoughtful discussions about strategies for addressing the cause of crime. In her posts, she blames our societal problems — gentrification, economic inequality, lack of affordable housing, the defunding of public schools — for pushing people into lives of crime.

Interestingly, Cyril forgot to mention that a goodly chunk of the crime that occurs in cities like San Francisco, run lock, stock, and barrel by Democrats, is performed by Blacks and Hispanics. While she can complain about “gentrification”, which is another word for Blaming Whites (for daring to bring social capital, clean neighborhoods, increased property values, and reduced crime), her Party has turned minorities into chattel, so often leaving them in abject poverty and misery, with little way out. You can’t blame San Fran, Detroit, Baltimore, etc, on Republicans. Dems own them.

Dana at First Street Journal notes

People like Malkia Cyril are a huge problem in our society. Rather than insist on civility and order, they excuse and enable criminality; we can bet that if she knew who stole the gentleman’s gym bag, she wouldn’t turn him in. If San Francisco suffers from “over policing,” as she says, it is because too many ordinary citizens enable criminals, and allow them to be criminals, allow them to continue breaking the law and getting away with it.

Then liberals wonder why their cities are hotbeds of crime.

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5 Responses to “San Francisco Liberals: Stop Calling Criminals “Criminals”, It’s Mean”

  1. Dana says:

    Our host touched on a point I glossed over: gentrification, and the objections coming from the left. Why would they be opposed? After all, isn’t gentrification the fixing up of distressed inner city neighborhoods, and the reintegration of whites into neighborhoods from which white city dwellers had fled decades ago?

    Everything that the left say should be part of a great, progressive culture is manifested in gentrification.

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  3. Jeffery says:


    Gentrification has complex impacts on a gentrified neighborhood, many good, but some bad. The rents often increase significantly for the area, causing displacement of poorer residents. Although it may have been a poorer neighborhood, it was their neighborhood. No one likes to be forced to leave to find cheaper digs, perhaps moving children to new schools. Even the poor need places to live.

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  5. Dana says:

    Jeffrey wrote:

    Although it may have been a poorer neighborhood, it was their neighborhood.

    So, you are saying that a neighborhood belongs to the people who live there, as though they have a right to resist the wrong people moving in. You do realize, I would hope, how that argument would sound if we were talking about a working-class, all-white neighborhood that was trying to keep a potential black customer from buying a house there.

    Gentrification might raise rents, but it also raises home values, meaning that the homeowners in the gentrifying areas become wealthier as other people fix up other houses in those neighborhoods.

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