Man With Largest Carbon Footprint In World Says ‘Climate Change’ Is A Threat Right Now

Let’s be perfectly clear: climate change is real. It always happens. What’s not real is the cult-like belief that it is mostly/solely caused by the works of Mankind. And, certainly, if it was so darned anthropogenic, Obama would not have just take a long fossil fueled flight to New Orleans for the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which included trips in large fossil fueled vehicle convoy, which is soon to be followed by the same type of trip to Alaska

(The Hill) President Obama is pointing toward Alaska as tangible evidence of the immediate danger climate change presents the U.S.

“This is all real,” Obama said Saturday in his weekly address. “This is happening to our fellow Americans right now.”

“In fact, Alaska’s governor recently told me that four villages are in ‘imminent danger’ and have to be relocated,” he said, citing Gov. Bill Walker (I). “Already, rising sea levels are beginning to swallow one island community.”

“Think about that,” Obama added. “If another country threatened to wipe out an American town, we’d do everything in our power to protect ourselves. Climate change poses the same threat, right now.”

Iran constantly threatens the United States, yet Obama is pushing a deal that would see Iran gain even more power and have more money to carry forth the threat by killing more U.S. citizens.

“Alaskans are already living with its effects,” Obama said. “More frequent and extensive wildfires. Bigger storm surges as sea ice melts faster. Some of the swiftest shoreline erosion in the world – in some places, more than three feet a year.”

There’s no increase in wildfires. Sea rise? A whopping 7 inches during the 20th century, which is very low for a Holocene warm period.

“Alaska’s glaciers are melting faster too, threatening tourism and adding to rising seas,” he added. “And if we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century, changing all sorts of industries forever.”

Glaciers melting during a Holocene warm period is nothing unexpected. They were melting back during the early 20th century, when CO2 was below the “safe” level of 350ppm. As for projections? So far, virtually every climate model has failed, hence the need for scary prognostications.

Now, if only Warmists like Obama would practice what they preach. But, they think that being carbon neutral means paying a fine, such as with purchasing carbon credits, rather than changing their behavior. Rather like refusing to stop speeding, preferring to pay the ticket. Of course, if we go by Cult of Climastrology talking points, speeding won’t destroy all life on Earth.

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One Response to “Man With Largest Carbon Footprint In World Says ‘Climate Change’ Is A Threat Right Now”

  1. john says:

    Teach at this point with 2 record breaking hot years in a row can do little other than point his fingers at individuals. The classic attack the messenger not the message
    Teach WHY do you think it is getting hotter? Think it is because the Sun is hotter ? Volcanic activity ? please tell us why it is getting hotter

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