Warmists Totally Ready To Link Noctilucent Clouds Increase To “Climate Change”

Of course they are. It’s what they do

(Weather Channel) Noctilucent clouds are a mysterious marvel of the night sky. The beautiful blue ice clouds are a rare sight to behold, but are they pointing to something sinister in the atmosphere?

According to NASA, the blue clouds were first spotted in 1885 after the eruption of volcano Krakatoa sent tons of volcanic ash high into the atmosphere. Since then, the clouds that form high in the atmosphere (nearly 50 miles above Earth’s surface) are a sight traditionally reserved for summer nights in far north regions like Russia and Scandinavia.

(more photos at the link)

They are only visible a few weeks out of the year when atmospheric conditions are perfect. “Noctilucent season” generally falls between the beginning of June and the end of July.

But according to USA Today, the formations are now appearing in southern regions such as Utah, Colorado and Virginia. So why are they appearing so far south? Some scientists say it’s a sign that noctilucent clouds could be linked to climate change. Produced in the mesosphere or upper atmosphere where clouds generally struggle to form, scientists think that greenhouse gases may be aiding in the creation of the noctilucent clouds.

And, of course, it can’t possible be mostly/solely natural now, unlike when Krakatoa exploded

While greenhouse gasses generally warm the atmosphere, they serve as a cooling agent when they reach the mesosphere which could play a significant role in making more of the icy clouds. This is only one theory and as atmospheric researcher Tony Phillips tells SF Gate, “the jury is still out.”

The point here is to create doubt, to make people go “hmm, that anthropogenic climate change is making things happen”. Why this would be bad is unclear, but, it must be, because climate change is Bad! But, hey, they kind of forgot something, noted by Eric Worrall, who predicted that the Cult of Climastrology would go down this route

Last year WUWT reported that Noctilucent clouds were on the increase, and predicted that global warming would be blamed. However, a NASA press release suggests Noctilucent clouds are more likely to be associated with decreased solar activity.


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