Climate Change Is Totally Ruining Hollywood’s Winter Shoots!

Yesterday, I ran an If All You See… post with a sexy lady eating a burger in a movie theater. But, I couldn’t find any “climate change” hysteria related to movie making or movie theaters. Granted, I didn’t spend that long looking. But, hey, what’s this? (via Climate Depot)

How Extreme Weather Is Melting Hollywood’s Winter Shoots

While filming the first season of FX’s Fargo in Calgary in 2013, it was so cold—a reported negative-35 degrees with wind chill—that stars Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman risked frostbite if their skin was exposed for more than 10 minutes. Production was canceled several nights when even the Canadians deemed the arctic temperatures unbearable. Thornton joked that conditions were so extreme he started sympathizing with the Donner party.

About a year later, filming again in Calgary, Fargo executive producer Warren Littlefield estimates that temperatures were often nearly 70 degrees warmer when wind chill was taken into consideration. Many days, he recalls, did not even fall to the freezing point. It was a nightmare for a television series named for a city synonymous with dread-inducing whiteout landscapes.

Oh, noes, Arctic level cold followed by warmth! It could have been caused by all the use of fossil fuels and energy for the production, ya know!

Climate change is no breaking news story—but it’s one that Hollywood, an industry built on the forging of fantasies, is increasingly confronting. And it’s something that a business famed for its control freaks, from auteur directors to studio heads, has no power over. Mother Earth has been throwing Hollywood climate curveballs with increasing frequency, reminding the town that she is more powerful than Ari Gold, Harvey Weinstein, and Scientology combined. And it has the potential, it seems, to get worse. A much-discussed study published earlier this year in the journal Nature Climate Change showed that higher global temperatures had led to a four-fold increase in some extreme heat patterns since the Industrial Revolution, and could lead to even more. Now, as Mother Earth tangibly extends the environmental pandemic to the movie industry, how will Hollywood have to adapt?

Eric Holthaus, a meteorologist who works for Slate, says climate change may affect Hollywood in several ways: The frequency of extreme weather makes it harder to predict which areas of the world may have snow, rain, or sunny days during any given month. And Hollywood may not be able to rely on “locations that are nearby and cheap to film, where it has filmed for decades,” as its home state grows drier. Ironically, this means productions may have to resort to the biggest environmental sin of them all—wanton air travel—to find better locations.

Except, movie and TV productions have long depended on going to places all over the country and world to film especially movies. I wonder how they would have survived in the much warmer Medieval and Roman warm periods?

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One Response to “Climate Change Is Totally Ruining Hollywood’s Winter Shoots!”

  1. john says:

    Teach MOST scientists who specialize in historical climatology do NOT believe that temps were higher during the medieval and Roman periods. That graph that Lord Moneykton uses most often ends at the year 2000. He is always misusing “facts’
    Every major international scientific organization laughs at Monkeyton
    He is constantly being caught telling lies

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