Iranian Quds Force Commander Breaks Sanctions And Heads To Moscow To Talk Weapons Weapons Shipments

But, hey, we can totally trust Iran to uphold the terms of the #IranDeal. Fortunately, Team Obama is Very Concerned

(Fox News) Iranian officials confirmed Friday that General Qassem Soleimani, the heavily sanctioned Revolutionary Guard Quds Force commander, traveled to Russia last month and was conducting weapons deals, including discussion of the S-300 missile system, according to Reuters.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said Friday the U.S. is very concerned about the development.

“Qassem Soleimani is subject to a UN travel ban and this travel ban requires all states to prohibit Qassem Soleimani from traveling to their nation and the only exception to that is if the Iran sanctions committee grants an exemption,” she said at UN headquarters in New York.

The White House did not specifically blame the Russians for hosting the Iranian general.

“I can’t confirm these specific reports but it is an indication of our ongoing concerns with Iran and their behavior,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Friday at the daily press briefing.

Iran is most likely thinking about all that extra cash in their coffers that will come with the dropping of sanctions with the really bad deal Obama is pushing. And it just goes to show that they care little about sanctions now, and won’t care a whit about upholding the terms of the nuclear weapons deal.

Meanwhile, a Jewish magazine has accused Obama of anti-semitism (via Breitbart)

What we increasingly can’t stomach—and feel obliged to speak out about right now—is the use of Jew-baiting and other blatant and retrograde forms of racial and ethnic prejudice as tools to sell a political deal, or to smear those who oppose it. Accusing Senator Schumer of loyalty to a foreign government is bigotry, pure and simple. Accusing Senators and Congressmen whose misgivings about the Iran deal are shared by a majority of the U.S. electorate of being agents of a foreign power, or of selling their votes to shadowy lobbyists, or of acting contrary to the best interests of the United States, is the kind of naked appeal to bigotry and prejudice that would be familiar in the politics of the pre-Civil Rights Era South.

This use of anti-Jewish incitement as a political tool is a sickening new development in American political discourse, and we have heard too much of it lately—some coming, ominously, from our own White House and its representatives. Let’s not mince words: Murmuring about “money” and “lobbying” and “foreign interests” who seek to drag America into war is a direct attempt to play the dual-loyalty card. It’s the kind of dark, nasty stuff we might expect to hear at a white power rally, not from the President of the United States—and it’s gotten so blatant that even many of us who are generally sympathetic to the administration, and even this deal, have been shaken by it.

It just goes to show the ant-semitism of Obama and liberals, and that Obama and his base are willing to throw Israel under the bus in favor of Iran. And that they are simply nasty, nasty people.

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4 Responses to “Iranian Quds Force Commander Breaks Sanctions And Heads To Moscow To Talk Weapons Weapons Shipments”

  1. John says:

    Liberal Jews voted 70% for Obama
    American Jews still have not forgotten or forgiven American conservatives for their past behavior
    Just who us flopping the ant semetic card there?
    Not the leader who enjoys overwhelming American Jewish support
    Teach remember. That their are many voice within Israel that did not vote or support the current leader
    Many Israelus view him as a warmonger and someone who has contributed to the isolation of that country

  2. john says:

    Liberal Jews are one of the solid voting blocks of the modern Democratic party. These liberal Jews are HATED by the rabid right. Is that anti semetic?

  3. Jl says:

    John says nothing to dispel the ant-semitism of the Obama administration, which is status quo for his posts. “The liberal Jews are hated by the rabid right..” Love to see your “proof” of that John. But ok, then conservative Jews are hated by Obama. “70 percent of liberal Jews voted for Obama.” Well, at least 30 percent of them have some intelligence.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Meanwhile, a Jewish magazine has accused Obama of anti-semitism

    For whatever it’s worth, went to that website and they wanted $2 for the privilege to read their comment section.

    Oy vey!

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