In Democrat Run Baltimore, Apparently Guns Just Go Off By Themselves

It couldn’t have anything to do with the people/voters who live in Baltimore, and the policies they enact, could it?

After Charleston shooting, Baltimore gun control advocates take to church to spread message

In the middle of a rousing sermon at his Southern Baptist Church on Sunday, the Rev. Donte Hickman asked congregants to raise a hand if they had personally been affected by gun violence.

Hands immediately shot up, one after another, in nearly every pew in the East Baltimore house of worship — a testament to a problem Hickman said disproportionately impacts black communities in the city.

“People are not our problem,” Hickman said. “It’s the pistols that they’re packing that are our problem.”

Right. Because before those guns, most of which are illegally owned, found their way in the hands of those people, they were perfect little angels.

Anyhow, the good Reverend was part of yet another push to take back the streets. Funny how we constantly need these in these heavily Democratic urban areas. And, of course, they want more gun laws. Because the hardcore criminals shooting each other in the streets of Baltimore will finally pay attention to the law. It’s not like 155 people have been murdered in 65% Black Democrat run Baltimore this year.

Actually, there haven’t been 155

(Baltimore Sun) Violence continued in Baltimore as three people were killed late Saturday and early Sunday.

In all, more than 15 people have been shot since Friday, including six who died. Among them is a man shot in the head in the Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park area early Friday morning who died over the weekend.

The actual number is now 158. Good job, Democrats! Hey, let’s disarm all the non-criminals.

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8 Responses to “In Democrat Run Baltimore, Apparently Guns Just Go Off By Themselves”

  1. Dana says:

    This story must be false, ’cause the mayor fired the police commissioner, and that fixed everything, right?

  2. Jeffery says:

    from the Scott Walker campaign:

    Please join us for an exciting announcement from Governor Scott Walker, July 13, 5pm CDT at the Waukesha County Expo Center!
    •Address: 1000 Northview Rd., Waukesha, WI 53188
    •Doors Open: 3:00 PM CDT
    •Event Starts: 5:00 PM CDT
    •Parking: Parking is available by entering through Gate 1
    •Main Entrance: Red Tickets please enter through door 4, Blue Tickets please enter through door 11.

    Attendee Requirements:

    •RSVP: You must RSVP and bring your registration ticket with you to the event for admittance
    •Ticket/ID: The name on your registration ticket must match your government issued photo ID
    •Prohibited Items: All attendees will go through airport-like security and should bring as few personal items as possible. No large bags, sharp objects, signs, umbrellas, liquids, aerosol containers, guns, ammunition, fireworks, electric stun guns, mace, selfie-sticks, martial arts weapons/devices, or knives of any size will be allowed in the venue.

    Thank you for your interest – we look forward to seeing you there!

    For press inquiries please contact [email protected].

    Why would a Republican, with an A+ from the NRA, not want his supporters to have guns at his announcement??

    Was it a mistake by an intern or hypocrisy from the candidate?

  3. CavalierX says:

    “Why would a Republican, with an A+ from the NRA, not want his supporters to have guns at his announcement??”

    You might want to check the rules laid down by the venue at which he’s holding the event. I’ll bet they said no guns would be allowed at a political rally.

  4. john says:

    why would a gun advocate/fondler choose a venue where he knows guns are not allowed?
    Isn’t the meme that guns make us safer? and that having gun free zones is like an open invitation to mass murder?

  5. john says:

    ( out of the top 10 states with gun violence are red states. Why do red staters kill so often with guns?

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    Why do lefties always have questions but no answers?

  7. gitarcarver says:

    You might want to check the rules laid down by the venue at which he’s holding the event. I’ll bet they said no guns would be allowed at a political rally.

    It’s not the venue rules, it is the law in that county that firearms are not allowed in public parks or recreational facilities owned by the County.

    The Waukesha County Expo Center is owned by the County.

    Another massive swing and a miss by Jeffery.

  8. Liam Thomas says:


    Since you wont read it because your a troll.

    Federal data also show violent crimes committed with guns — including murders, aggravated assaults and robberies — have declined for three straight years.

    Crime is down dramatically right now — even in states that have not passed such laws. To prove causation, which Gohmert’s statement implies, would require that those doing the study discern what would have happened if not for the law, and that is almost impossible to model.

    As for your claim that Red STATES MOW THEM DOWN……….

    Top Five States with the most gun deaths……..PER CAPITA

    1. Alaska 16
    2. Louisiana 402
    3. Montana 7
    4. Alabama 283
    5. Wyoming 11

    Listed besides these states is the total gun deaths as reported by the FBI crime statistics report…2011.

    Bottom Five states with the fewest gun deaths….PER CAPITA.

    1. Hawaii 1
    2. Mass 118
    3. New York 517
    4. Rhode Island 16
    5. New Jersey 246

    Numbers to the right are the actual gun related murders in that state…2011.

    The bottom 5 states murdered MORE PEOPLE then the top 5 in 2011.

    This is like the AGW debate….you can make statistics look anyway you want.

    Now since your actually wanting to paint Red States as violent as opposed to Blue states and this is a post about Baltimore a City whose population by race breaks down as 63.3 percent as black…While Maryland itself is 70.5 percent White.

    Now since were discussing race…….

    NATIONWIDE…According to the FBI Hate Crimes Statistics Here is a lay out of Hate crimes against a black person in
    2011. ONE.
    2012. ZERO.
    2013. ONE

    I think you get my point. Now this is hardly a pandemic of White People mowing down black people.

    Stop being a part of the problem and be a part of the solution.

    And no matter how you slice it….It is not White People mowing down black people other then the occassional demented random act. Evil is EVIL….it does not matter the race or religion….EVIL IS EVIL.

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