Scott Walker Joins The GOP Race

Talk about a crowded field

(The Hill) “America needs new, fresh leadership with big, bold ideas from outside of Washington to actually get things done,” Walker said in a video.

“In Wisconsin, we didn’t nibble around the edges. We enacted big, bold reforms that took power out of the hands of the big government special interests and gave it to the hard-working taxpayers, and people’s lives are better because of it,” Walker said.

“We fought and won. In the Republican field, there are some who are good fighters, but they haven’t won those battles,” he added.

The video is available at that link. As one article notes about Walker (it also has good info on a few other GOP other candidates)

Pros – The Wisconsin Governor is about as Reaganesque as one could want. He has one two elections in “progressive” Wisconsin, including a union-driven recall election. He’s pressed and succeeded in pushing a conservative agenda in an unlikely state.

Cons – Could be viewed as too “vanilla” on the campaign trail. Today, politics is more about personality and emotions than how good at a particular job any candidate would be. More people thought Mitt Romney would be a better President than Obama had been, but they voted for him based on empathy.

A second The Hill article notes the same

He faces a charisma question, and is seen by some critics as a vanilla candidate from the Midwest who lacks the “wow” factor — the same liability that capsized the candidacy of former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in 2012.

While competing with more exuberant rivals such as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Donald Trump, Walker must show he can appeal to wide swathes of voters.

Pawlenty was an excellent candidate, one of the best for 2012 IMO, except that he seemed boring, and flamed out early. Walker will need to kick up the excitement factor.

For me:

  • Walker: Yes
  • Rubio: could hold my nose over his amnesty push
  • Bush: he’d have to seriously convince me, after his big support for Common Core, illegal immigration, and “climate change” legislation
  • Carly Fiorina: Yes!
  • Trump: oh, hell no. Zero trust of this guy. He’s saying the right things on immigration, and attacking Hillary and Dems, but, do we really know who this guy is politically?
  • Cruz: Yes!
  • Christy: I do not trust him. He seems more than willing to attack Conservatives, but not Democrats.
  • Rand Paul: I like the guy, he has good ideas, but, I don’t think he would play well during a general election.
  • Perry: meh.
  • Ben Carson: good guy, I don’t think he has what it takes to win a general election.

Now it’s time to see how this all shakes out.

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5 Responses to “Scott Walker Joins The GOP Race”

  1. john says:

    What about Sarah Palin?
    “Hell No” Trump ? he is leading in the polls the base LOVES him
    Cruz ?? He is not a naturally born American supposedly he has an American mother but she did not register his birth with the American consul for a looooong time after he was “born”
    Shall we count your posts about Obama’s birth certificate?

  2. john says:

    Walker is 10 points down in an election with Clinton

  3. Dana says:

    It’s the first (official) day of the campaign, 16 months before the general election, and John’s complaint is that Mr “Walker is 10 points down in an election with Clinton.” 🙂

    At this time in 2007, Hillary Clinton was awaiting her coronation as Presidentrix. We saw how well that worked out for her.

  4. Liam Thomas says:

    Bush wins and asks Bill Clinton to be his Running mate. Hillary wins and asks George Bush to be her running mate.

    Wouldnt surprise me to see Christy ask Michelle Obama to be his running mates.

    Walker will be beaten senseless by the uppity MSM over not having a college degree…Done.

    Rubio will be a pretender but he comes off as more of a moderate so he will go down.

    Fiorina…..GREAT we have two CEO’s in the field. She didnt even do a particularly good job at HP and was forced out.

    Trump……He would probably start a tv series to make people beat each other up for his Cabinet. The most devious Sumbeaches get the job…..

    Cruz… far out in right field that we are not sure if hes really a citizen of earth or not……..His libertarian roots splits votes with Paul.

    Rand Paul…what can I say….hes just crazy….like his dad…..sorry folks Im a conservative not a libertarian.

    Perry. Perhaps the only really qualified guy in the field….If he can keep himself in the game he has a slim shot.

    Carson….I like this guy but again….he will be portrayed as an Uncle Tom and the MSM will beat him senseless and he has really not been vetted.

    In short……Its an anemic field for the GOP and I would say hillary wins 50 states in a landslide….without answering a question for the next 18 months.

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