With Thanksgiving A Few Days Away, You Should Really Give #ClimateThanks Or Something

No, really, Soros funded Joe Romm really wants this, because climatologists spend lots of time changing data to conform to their preconceptions

Here’s How To Show Gratitude To Climate Heroes Big And Small This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving season, the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication once again wants you to tweet out some gratitude via the hashtag#ClimateThanks.

In 2013, this effort to thank the many heroes — sung and unsung — who are fighting to preserve a livable climate for billions of people, was wildly successful:

Last Thanksgiving 2,500 people and organizations thanked each other through #ClimateThanks. When we originally put out the call last year we had no idea how people would respond, and were astounded by the wave of gratitude that swept through Twitter. In the end the climate community sent nearly 8,000 #ClimateThanks messages and reached 6.87 million people, becoming one of the largest Twitter storms on climate change ever.

I remain very thankful for climate scientists, who toil away for long hours away from their family, sometimes in the most inhospitable parts of the world, for not much money (sorry disinformers) — and do so thanklessly. Indeed they do so in the face of anti-science cyber-bullying and legal harassment and general hostility from climate disinformers — all because they have devoted their lives to averting the gravest of human tragedies. They are like the hero of Henrik Ibsen’s classic An Enemy of the People — which someone should modernize into a climate science parable.

So, wait, they’re taking lots of fossil fueled vehicles to travel far from their families to inhospitable parts of the world to tell us that fossil fuels are bad? Huh.

I also give thanks to the idiots who provide me with all sorts of blogging material, such as

Even Thanksgiving Is Connected to Climate Change

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and while we all will — and should — count our many blessings, you’re forgiven if your thoughts eventually turn to the mouth-watering traditions of the holiday feast.

So when my friend John Mandyck, global chief sustainability officer of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, said he had some food-related thoughts he wanted to share, since we’re both from Central New York, I was anticipating some long-forgotten recipe for corn pudding, or oyster stuffing, or some equally seasonally and locally appropriate contribution to the holiday table.

Instead, he sent me a blog he recently had penned for Greenbiz. It’s about the connection of food spoilage to climate change, and I think the thoughts he captured are worth sharing. His premise is thought provoking, and, given the season, something to keep in mind especially as you finalize the menu for your upcoming family gathering.

You know, there is a problem with food waste, particularly in the 1st World. But, instead of dealing with the actual problem, these wankers have to shove it under the banner of “climate change”, when it should stand on its own.

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  1. JGlanton says:

    I give climate thanks to three straight years of record low tornados in the USA. Each of the last three years have successively broken the record low tornado activity in the US. Black, blue, and green lines on the NWS-SPC tornado count chart:


    The top climate scientists, and politicians like Kerry, Gore, and Obama, all told me that severe weather was getting worse due to climate change. I am thankful that they have turned it back.

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