Team Obama Is Really Concerned About Climate Change Snow Shoveling

I love the picture that accompanies this Yahoo News/Reuters article

You’re welcome to read the article if you want. It’s pretty much about Team O integrating Hotcoldwetdry into everything the government does.

If you want more stupid, here you go (be careful clicking the link, either the article or the popup caused my Norton to stop a webroot attack)

We look at a new investigation by the Pulitzer Prize-winning website, InsideClimate News, titled “Meltdown: Terror at the Top of the World.” It tells the story of seven American hikers who went on a wilderness adventure into polar bear country in Canada’s Arctic tundra — and faced a harrowing attack. But despite taking proper steps to protect themselves, a polar bear came to their camp in the middle of the night and pulled one of the hikers out of his tent. Scientists say that climate change is greatly impacting polar bear habitat, which may be the cause of increased polar bear attacks on humans.

Hmm, I’d say it wasn’t climate change, but that 7 idiots went into….polar bear country.

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2 Responses to “Team Obama Is Really Concerned About Climate Change Snow Shoveling”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    Oh, come on. You know that polar bears never attacked anyone until climate change became a thing.

  2. Trish Mac says:

    Hahahaha, this is priceless. I thought the whole idea was to stay away from wildlife in their natural habitats? Be as unobtrusive as possible. But when it comes to these wackadoodles…oh well Nighthawk is correct. Never happened before.

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