Election Advice To Dems That They Will Never Ever Take

Over at the Washington Post,  Republican Michael Gerson writes about the midterm shellscking,  focusing on the harm Obama caused Dems. You’re welcome to read that, and within he has some interesting advice

To be a national party, Democrats need to contend for rural and small-town voters, for older voters, for working-class white voters, for white Catholics, even for suburban evangelicals. This requires not just a populist economic message (which is important) but the recognition of a set of values — a predisposition toward social order, family and faith — that is foreign to most liberal bloggers and Democratic strategists. In Colorado, for example, Democrats tried to apply a blue-state strategy — emphasizing abortion rights and the supposed Republican “war on women” — in a purple state. It backfired. (In contrast, Bill Ritter was elected governor of Colorado in 2006 as a pro-life Democrat.) In the Obama era, nearly every cultural signal sent by the national Democratic Party would be applauded in the faculty lounge.

Especially focusing on the first half,  there is no way that Democrats would take that advice. The Oakland Raiders have a better chance of winning this year’s Super Bowl (they’re 0-8). Liberals despise the people mentioned. They tend to hate Southerners,  rural folks,  those in the Midwest,  all of whom they sneeringly refer to as Flyover County. Hicks. Rubes. Rednecks. Neanderthals. You’ve heard this before,  so I shan’t belittle the point, but they really do hate people who aren’t like themselves politically. Passionately. And certain groups like those mentioned. They are very intolerant people.

Which is interesting,  considering how many liberals are escaping their Blue areas,  which they have destroyed with their policies,  and coming to Red areas.

Anyhow,  more on the Democrat autopsy here. And here.

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5 Responses to “Election Advice To Dems That They Will Never Ever Take”

  1. Jeffery says:

    We expect the pundits to “pundefecate”. If Mr. Gerson thinks this result tells us much about the future, he is wrong.

    Unemployment is down, overall healthcare costs are plummeting, stock market is up, gas prices are down, GDP is rising, deficit is dropping… but wages are flat. And President Obama is not much of a motivator. The Repubicans filled the vacuum capably. Repubicans act dumb, but they’re not. And now, with them crowing about their majority, they’ll be expected to govern. Their rope-a-dope strategy of crashing the economy and blaming it all on Dems and Obama won’t work again.

    Repubicans must defend 24 Senate seats in 2016. 24! Worse for them, Repubicans are unlikely to field an electable presidential candidate in 2016. And all 435 seats of the House are up (the Repubican field game of gerrymandering will help here). They have to rely on voter suppression to help them keep the Senate and win the Presidency though. And the next ten years with a Dem president will turn the Supreme Court to a neutral body again.

    Obama won’t be running again in 2016, so the Dems will blame the Repubican congress for all things that go wrong, and lie about the few things that go right.

    So that’s why the Repubicans need to continue their gerrymandering, voter suppressing ways with the current Supreme Court.

  2. Jeffery says:

    And tell Mr. Gerson that the “non-national” Democratic Party won the last two Presidential elections in landslides. Even in the House races the Dems garnered more votes overall than the Repubicans.

    So how do the Repubicans win the House races? Gerrymandering the districts, of course! Elections, however rigged, have consequences.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Unemployment is down,

    Not when you include those who have dropped out of the job market.

    overall healthcare costs are plummeting,

    That’s why most people will see an increase far and above what they saw before the ACA.

    stock market is up

    As most people know, the stock market (esp the Dow Jones) is a terrible measure of the economy. Always has been,

    GDP is rising

    Not enough to sustain any type of growth. Most people view the GPD as treading water at best.

    And tell Mr. Gerson that the “non-national” Democratic Party won the last two Presidential elections in landslides.

    51% and 52% of the popular vote is a landslide?

    Did Utah pass a marijuana bill because clearly you have been smoking.

  4. Jeffery says:


    Yeah, but… yeah, but… yeah, but…

  5. gitarcarver says:

    That’s the smartest thing you’ve said in a long time Jeffery.

    Essentially by saying nothing , you didn’t display to the world your stupidity.

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