Huh. Those With Strongest Belief In “Science” Least Likely To Take Action On “Climate Change”

Perhaps this explains why Warmists tend to have the largest “carbon footprints” and refuse to practice what they screech about

Trusting Science Leads to Complacency About Climate Change

Here at Care2, we care a great deal about climate change — and we also care a great deal about science, which provides much of the basis for our understanding of climate change. You might intuitively think that our understanding of and belief in science is part of what drives us to take individual action to halt climate change, but research from Amsterdam suggests, oddly, that just the opposite is true.

Research subjects with a high degree of faith in science were actually less likely to engage in individual actions to address global climate concerns. Shockingly, the study suggests, the best way to get people to take action on climate change may not lie in educating them about the science.

The mechanism through which this phenomenon occurs is fascinating, and, like other psychological events, it explains a great deal about human behavior. Put simply, people who put their trust in science also believe that science has the capacity to solve climate change — in which case their actions as individuals don’t matter, because researchers will figure out how to fix the problem before it crosses the final divide and can’t be resolved. Why sort your recycling when thousands of brilliant minds are being put to the task of controlling the climate before it’s too late?

Of course, the problem is that Warmists only believe certain science and scientists, and refuse to even entertain that they might be wrong.

The study has real implications in terms of how we teach climate change to students and address groups on the issue. Given the compensatory control issue, the best thing to do may be to refocus individuals and to get them thinking about personal control. Instructor Diana Liverman unconsciously enacted these changes in her classes before this research came out:

Enacting personal control still won’t get Warmists to practice what they screech. And, quite frankly, the study about complacency also misses the mark, because this is not about science, but about enacting far-left policies of control.

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4 Responses to “Huh. Those With Strongest Belief In “Science” Least Likely To Take Action On “Climate Change””

  1. John says:

    Sounds like that old “chicken hawk” argument
    Teach is this something you feel guilty about? Not enlisting for Iraq after the raised the age limit

  2. John says:

    Ohhhh BIG GOVERNMENT what won’t they try and force us yo do next !!!
    No more ciggies for kids
    Seat belts
    Building inspectors
    Control of airwaves
    No more lead in gas

    Couldn’t we have just left these things up yo individual choice ?

  3. gitarcarver says:

    So here we see john once again not taking responsibility for his own actions and wanting the government to control more of people’s lives.

    Tell us all john if it is better to ban something than educate people on the dangers of something? Is it your belief that people (and that would include trolls like you) are too stupid to make good choices?

    Or are you so insecure in your own beliefs that you won’t do what you demand of others?

  4. Blomidonbud says:

    Teach, we can’t discuss or argue with the ‘Warmist’s’, or what I call ‘The Believers’ as it’s the latest religion. It was bound to happen. The established, or main stream Christian churches have failed on most fronts to present Christianity in it’s proper form (this would come from the scriptures, and implies a following of the words of Jesus to our best ability)and a vacuum was left, just waiting for the religion of ‘Enviromentalism’ to step in. These New Religion folk are now the latest zealots to preach their demented and twisted message, which surprisingly, finds a home in many a supposedly ‘enlightened’ brain. It’s giving meaning and purpose to lost souls who never have been exposed to the teaching of Jesus, and at the same time facilitates the fossel fuel haters in their attempt to kill big oil and coal (I don’t know how they will fly to all of their very expensive conferences held every year around the globe once oil is gone…perhaps then will be content to sit in their cold homes while they have to become hewers and gatherers as their ancient ancestors did long ago).Hell, I’m so old I lived through the ’70’s when ‘Global Cooling’ was the scare. Then in the ’90’s that switched to ‘Global warming’. But the ‘Black Swan’ event came along, much to the chagrin of “The Beleivers’, and with no warming in the planet for ~15 years; ergo…don’t call it Global warming, call it “Climate Change”. Of course, we’ve never had that before in the past 6 billion years!!

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