Lightning Strikes Are Dangerous, So, Climate Change

With all due respect to people with Tourettes (which is a real disease), Liberals seem to have their own version when it comes to “climate change” which we’ll call Warmettes

Fatal lightning strikes reap heavy toll in developing world

In this sugarcane region of Mexico’s coastal Jalisco state, lightning deaths abound. Indeed, annual deaths from lightning strikes in Mexico have oscillated in recent decades from 360 to around 100, far more than the 23 people who died in the United States last year, the lowest year on record. Many of the Mexican victims are rural dwellers, perishing on soccer fields, at school, tending farm plots or while riding horses.

The same story plays out across the Earth’s tropics and subtropics, where those toiling on plantations or rice paddies fall victim to the multiple lightning bolts that hit the ground every second. Scientists estimate that 6,000 to 24,000 people perish from lightning strikes each year, and 10 times that many fall injured.

It’s a humanitarian disaster that goes largely unheeded because the fatalities come in a trickle. Neither hurricanes nor tornadoes claim as many lives.

Developed nations such as the United States – with their better construction, education campaigns and ubiquitous weather reports – have seen lightning fatalities fall. But the rates remain stubbornly high elsewhere, a result of swelling global populations and masses of rural people vulnerable to lightning at all times.

Hmm, that makes sense, so….

Lightning may increase with global warming, according to Colin Price, an atmospheric sciences expert at Tel Aviv University.

“In the models, they do predict a 10 percent increase in lightning activity with each 1 degree centigrade warming,” Price said.

It’s like they just cannot help themselves in dumping AGW into the article. Like their heads will explode if they fail to interject “climate change” into articles. There’s something similar going on with the water loss in the Aral Sea. People have been tweeting about how bad it is, and linking it to “climate change”, when the culprit is diverting water for agriculture that would otherwise have flowed to the Aral Sea. It’s a sick religion.

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4 Responses to “Lightning Strikes Are Dangerous, So, Climate Change”

  1. John says:

    Must have been a leftist Jew from Israel that tied it into AGW

  2. david7134 says:

    It goes along with the fact that peer review is broken and you can not have an article published with reference to climate change.

  3. Casey says:

    Gotta love those invariably accurate models, no?

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