Say, What’s The Greenest Way To Get Drunk?

A deep, deep question over at Grist, where they’re continuing to attempt to ruin everything, as Ask Umbra attempts to answer this question

Q. Is beer or hard cider most environmentally friendly? Actually, scratch that – of ALL the alcoholic beverages, which is least taxing on the environment? Jake

Umbra: I periodically receive this question, or versions of it, from earnest tipplers all over the country. And also from all over my social events, where acquaintances tend to approach me after their third cocktail with a worried look on their faces. I usually begin with an examination of variables such as the carbon footprint of freight shipping versus pesticides used during farming versus energy intensiveness. That’s about when the acquaintance will make an excuse to leave, and funny, the host usually misplaces my invitation to her next party.

No, seriously. Periodically receives. People ask her all the time. This is what Warmists are concerned with.

Interestingly, there are some actual real environmental concerns discussed in the article, as well as others, such as water usage. But, of course, instead of considering a real environmental impact, this is all about the Hotcoldwetdry impact. Wankers.

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