NC Sea Rise Is Under 7 Inches Per Century

Per a new paper

(The Hockey Schtick) A new paper published in Quaternary Research reconstructs sea level rise in North Carolina over the past 1000 years and finds sea level rise since 1845 has been only 1.71 mm/year, equivalent to 6.7 inches per century and in line with many other papers finding global sea level rise of less than 7 inches per century.

Data from the paper indicates no evidence of acceleration since the end of the Little Ice Age in ~1850. No acceleration of sea level rise means no evidence of a man-made contribution. The data also shows that sea levels “paused” their natural 20,000 year rise during the Little Ice Age from ~1,200 to  ~164 years ago.

Let’s put this in context: the average sea rise during the last 7,000 years of the Holocene (this time period used because that’s around the time that the massive sea rise from melt due to the end of the last glacial period stabilized) is 6-8 inches per century. During warm periods we should expect more sea rise, and during the cool ones less. That’s how we get an average.

Still, even if it was 20 inches per century right now, it wouldn’t prove anthropogenic causation.

Obviously, Warmists will state that sea rise is going to happen in the future, even if it isn’t happening now, and it will doooooooom us!

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3 Responses to “NC Sea Rise Is Under 7 Inches Per Century”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The Hockey Schticker, like WUWT chooses to mislead their loyal and naïve readers.

    The paper proves that the sea level in NC has genuinely risen 1.71 mm/yr and is not an artifact of land subsidence/compaction. The Hockey Huckster then claims this was the same rate as seen for the past 20,000 years, but the paper only examined back to 1000 CE. The rate of rise was 0.1 mm/yr from 1000 CE to 1845 CE and 1.71 mm/yr from 1845 to 2000. That’s a 17 fold increase from the baseline.

    Next he claims the sea level rise slowed “during the Little Ice Age from ~1,200 to ~164 years ago.” That’s a pretty generous interpretation for the duration of the little ice age.

  2. david7134 says:

    You are wrong again. Think about this, why is Pompeii now about one half mile from the sea when it was a harbor? And, no, the volcano did not move it or anything of that nature.

  3. Jeffery says:


    How was I wrong? Can you be specific, please. I didn’t mention Pompeii, and the paper was about NC.

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