Remember When Richard Branson Pledged To Spend $3billion On Climate Change?

How’s that working out?

(UK Guardian) Richard Branson has failed to deliver on his much-vaunted pledge to spend $3bn (£1.8bn) over a decade to develop a low carbon fuel.

Seven years into the pledge, Branson has paid out only a small fraction of the promised money – “well under $300m” – according to a new book by the writer and activist, Naomi Klein.

The British entrepreneur famously promised to divert a share of the profits from his Virgin airlines empire to find a cleaner fuel, after a 2006 private meeting with Al Gore.

Branson went on to found a $25m Earth prize for a technology that could safely suck 1bn tons of carbon a year from the atmosphere. In 2009, he set up the Carbon War Room, an NGO which works on business solutions for climate change.

But by Klein’s estimate, Branson’s “firm commitment” of $3bn failed to materialise.

$300 million is not chump change, to be clear. But, it is not the $3 billion promised.

“So the sceptics might be right: Branson’s various climate adventures may indeed prove to have all been a spectacle, a Virgin production, with everyone’s favourite bearded billionaire playing the part of planetary saviour to build his brand, land on late night TV, fend off regulators, and feel good about doing bad,” Klein writes in This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs The Climate.

Actually, we’re right on most of the Warmists, particularly the leaders, who live a different life than what their talking points, prognostication, and hysteria demands.

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6 Responses to “Remember When Richard Branson Pledged To Spend $3billion On Climate Change?”

  1. Where else do they expect him to cut, his party budget for that private island? lol

    Please- he never truly believed this green BS for a minute, I believe he knows better but
    felt even being wrong on the issue couldn’t hurt his image as the ‘hip’ rock-n-roll entrepreneur

  2. Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out some additional information.

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  4. John says:

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  5. Blick says:

    To be fair, It is hard to find promising research and new technology that will have any impact on CO2 or other greenhouse gasses; new energy sources; breakthru batteries, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I also doubt that he has $3billion sitting in a vault ready to hand out. More likely an income stream over several decades.

    However, naively, he made grandiose promises and listened to charlatan Gore about the possibilities in the sci-fi future. He got taken for an expensive “ride”. In one article, he admitted that no “green” investment showed signs of paying off yet. Translation: DUDS

    So, he is just another green liberal caught up in the emotions of the movement; did some grandstanding; look at me aren’t I wonderful photo ops; Spent lots of payola, and has good intentions. Not exactly the hard nosed capitalist business man everybody expected. He deserves all the criticism heaped on his head.

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