NYC Climate March Is Going To Have It’s Populist Moment Or Something

Good thing all these fossil fuels hating Warmists aren’t going to take fossil fuel trips to attend the march, eh?

Climate Change Is About to Have a Populist Moment

Why an upcoming demonstration in NYC is so important

Nine days from now, on September 21, organizers of the largest climate change march in history expect at least one hundred thousand of people to join the People’s Climate March in New York City. Happening just before the United Nations holds a summit on climate change, the real goal of the march is to show convening world leaders that climate change isn’t just a policy issue that matters only to scientists and policy wonks. The idea is to show that climate action is a populist movement, too—and one that’s capable of making some noise. (snip)

Remember, the next year is a critical one for fighting climate change. We know that at some point, very soon, humans will need to slow their use of fossil fuels if we hope to contain global warming to a manageable level. Somehow that needs to be balanced with China and India’s interests in economic and population growth. Climate experts and poorer countries hit hard by extreme weather want a binding global deal to reach emissions targets. To get there, there will be another UN meeting in Peru in December, leading up to Paris in 2015, where—activists hope—an agreement can be finalized.

Iain Keith, a campaign organizer for Avaaz, a group organizing the march, may have summed up the goals of the day best.  “We realized that a march could send a powerful signal,” Keith told Inside Climate News. “Marches don’t always change the world, but sometimes they are the only things that shake the system into widespread change.”

If only Warmists had spent the last 25 years spreading awareness and demonstrating and stuff.

When the facts refuse to accommodate you climahysterics, you can always fall back on populist movements, chants, marches, hyperbole, doomsaying, and marches.

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5 Responses to “NYC Climate March Is Going To Have It’s Populist Moment Or Something”

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  2. Jeffery says:

    And the Earth is still warming from the CO2 humans are putting into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels.

    But I guess it’s easier and more effective to mock and ridicule than to discuss reality.

  3. david7134 says:

    It is becoming very clear that this “solution” to CO2 is nothing more than an effort to bring all countries under control of a world power. Making our economy tied to smaller countries and manipulating others to reduce their influence. The effort has nothing to do with climate.

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  5. JC says:

    This should be our first step in the Climate March!

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