Forget That 97% Consensus Meme: Warmists Ramp It Up To 99.999%

Another day, another bit of  derangement from the Cult Of Warming

There is a 99.999 percent chance humans are causing climate change


But a new paper by Philip Kokic, Steven Crimp, and Mark Howden published in the journal Climate Risk Management and focusing in depth on historical climate records puts the certainty even higher.

Investigating the large rise in temperatures in recent years — July 2014 was the 353rd consecutive month in which global land and ocean average surface temperature exceeded the 20th-century monthly average — the authors of the paper used a statistical model to deduce that there is “less than one chance in 100,000 that global average temperature over the past 60 years would have been as high without human-caused greenhouse gas emissions” warming the climate.

Well, that’s strange, considering that there was a global dip in temps running from the 40’s through the late 70’s, leading to hysteria about a coming ice age. And since there has been an almost 18 year pause. And…oh, why bother with facts and science and stuff. Climate change is about a religious like fervor.

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3 Responses to “Forget That 97% Consensus Meme: Warmists Ramp It Up To 99.999%”

  1. John says:

    Yes Teach there have been. ” pauses ” before all relatively brief but as you have pointed out they are brief and then the temps once again begin climbing
    This us not the first pause is it ? But yet the long term shows a overall increase
    So why should this pause be considered anymore significant than the others ?

  2. david7134 says:

    Can’t you think through the problem? Try real hard. If CO2 levels are going up and CO2 is such a powerful greenhouse gas that even in minuscule amount of 300 ppm, then it should exert its influence on a constant basis. But no one is able to see that.

  3. Blick says:

    Wow, another “model” predicting climate gloom and doom. I’m scared.

    Another “expert” making his computer model predict his bias and believing the results. Another circular firing squad. These experts make 9-11 truthers sound reasonable.

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