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Man With World’s Largest Carbon Footprint Releases Climate Change Initiatives

Obviously, none have to do with him taking a break from all that massive fossil fueled travel to campaign and play golf (NY Times) President Obama will announce a series of climate change initiatives on Wednesday aimed at guarding the electricity supply; improving local planning for flooding, coastal erosion and storm surges; and better predicting […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible windy world made worse because someone refused to turn their A/C up a few degrees, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Cold Fury, with a post on who should actually be impeached.

Could California Split Into Six States?

That’s the plan (Time) Supporters of a long-shot measure that would split California into six states plan to submit 1.3 million signatures to election officials on July 15. The quixotic effort, spearheaded by venture capitalist Tim Draper, needs officials to deem at least 807,615 of those signatures valid in order to qualify for the November […]

1%er Warmist Katrina vanden Heuvel Really Psyched Over Shutting Down Debate

Prick a Warmists and a fascist bleeds The distorting reality of ‘false balance’ in the media False equivalence in the media — giving equal weight to unsupported or even discredited claims for the sake of appearing impartial — is not unusual. But a major media organization taking meaningful steps to do something about it is. […]

Glenn Beck Is Sounding Quite A Bit Like Democrats

Don’t misunderstand: I like Glenn Beck, and will continue to listen in the a.m. Which I’ll do in about an hour when I head to the gym. His preaching does get a bit tiresome to me. This, though, is off the hook I don’t think we’re going to be able to solve anything if we […]

Democrats: We Aren’t Interested In Changing 2008 Immigration Law

Remember this, less than half a month ago? As part of an effort to stem the flood of children caught trying to cross the nation’s southwest border, President Obama is trying to change a 2008 law that dictates how the federal government handles those immigrant children in order to speed up their deportations. Obama made […]

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