Climate Change Is About The Kids Or Something

The Cult Of Gore is getting desperate

(Boston Globe) “CONVINCE ME.”

That’s the gauntlet I threw down weeks earlier to Kelsey Wirth, 44, a seasoned entrepreneur and mother of two who’s the driving force behind Mothers Out Front, the upstart nonprofit throwing house parties (and stroller-dotted Beacon Hill rallies) in an effort to unite Massachusetts mothers in the fight against climate change. I present the perfect test case: a South Shore mom who schleps the kids around in a gas guzzler, spends way too much on winter oil bills, gets scolding letters from her power company about using more kilowatts than the neighbors, and, other than separating trash from recycling, hasn’t given too much mind-share to the cause. (snip)

Forget the polar bears. This is about human mamas protecting their cubs. “We are not an environmental organization,” says Wirth, curled up in her sun-lit kitchen in jeans and a gray sweater, colorful kids’ artwork plastering the walls. “The earth is not our symbol. It’s not about the planet, per se. It’s about our kids. Our goal is to make climate change an issue that mothers care about because they are concerned about their kids’ future.”

That’s funny, since no kid in grade school has actually witnessed statistically significant actual warming

It’s actually more like 8 months, but, no need to quibble.

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2 Responses to “Climate Change Is About The Kids Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Why did the butterflies move since there’s no warming?

    Why did you and Lord Mungton select 17 years 6 months as your test interval and why use only the RSS dataset?

    If you choose 20 years (a nice round number) you find that all the datasets (Gistemp, Hadcrut, Noaa, RSS and UAH) show warming.

    The fact is that you are lying with numbers. It’s what propagandists do. The Earth continues to warm. Everyone knows it. You know it. Yet you run crap like Lord Mungton’s contemptibly false “No global warming for 17 years 6 months”.

  2. The Old Salt says:

    You know that the datasets are unavoidably polluted with trash data; read Watts Up With That for the truth. No one disputes that the globe has warmed since the Little Ice Age – that’s not the issue at all. He writes 17 years and 6 months because the actual average temperature hasn’t changed in that time. And that’s not some fallacious model, its reality. Get used to it.

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