Pelosi: Obamacare Not About Insuring The Uninsured

No, seriously

(CNS News) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says Democrats passed their health insurance law, not to insure the uninsured, but to give people “quality” health care and “affordable” health care.

“Madam Leader, isn’t the real measure of success, not the raw number who signed up, but how many of those who signed up were not insured before?” a reporter asked Pelosi at a news conference on Tuesday.

“No, that’s not — the measure is twofold,” Pelosi responded. “The message is how many people have access to health care — quality, affordable health care and insurance.”

According to Pelosi, “The real reason to do the Affordable Care Act…was the cost of health care in our country was unsustainable — unsustainable to individuals, to small businesses, to corporate America, the competitive issue internationally, and also to state and local and certainly the federal budget.

Well, that’s news to this lady

Access to quality, affordable health care is critical to the well being of America, today and in the future. Central to this is addressing the needs of the 46 million uninsured Americans…

Hmm, that’s strange, isn’t it?

Of course, making sure the uninsured were forced to purchase costly insurance or be penalized provided with health insurance was not the only stated reason for the PPACA, but it was a consistent and primary talking point pre and post-passage. Now that tens of billions, if not more, was spent on Ocare so far in order to provide 3.4% of the uninsured with “private” insurance, the talking points have to change.

And anyone who complains will be smeared and receive death threats.

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