Californians To Receive Hotcoldwetdry Rebates

This isn’t satire, but it should be

(Grist) The state’s cap-and-trade program has raised nearly $1.7 billion so far. About 40 percent of proceeds are earmarked to be spent on clean energy initiatives, while the rest will be distributed to small utility customers through various programs, helping offset any increase in electricity prices. Residential customers of the state’s investor-owned utilities, which together serve more than two-thirds of the state’s electricity, will receive the first California Climate Credits on this month’s electricity bills, reducing the amount due by roughly $30 to $40. The next residential credits will be paid out in October. Small business customers will receive them monthly.

So they pass a law that artificially raised people’s power bill, and essentially everything else, all for a fake issue, and are going to get a tiny rebate for the economic pain.

Sadly, Grist’s article on massaging fish is neither satire nor for April Fool’s Day.

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One Response to “Californians To Receive Hotcoldwetdry Rebates”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Wow. California (9.2 ton/capita) is second lowest in CO2 emissions per capita, behind liberal New York (8.1). Other states with the lowest emissions are Massachusetts (10), Vermont (9.4), Washington (10.4), Oregon (9.6), Connecticut (9.8), Maryland (11) , Rhode Island (10.5) and Idaho (10.1). All Dem states except Idaho. Maybe those libs ARE limiting their CO2 emissions.

    Not surprisingly, Wyoming (113 ton/capita), ND (74), Alaska (55), West Virginia (52), Louisiana (48), Kentucky (34), Montana (32) and Indiana(32) are the worst polluters per person. The US average per person is 17.3 tons.

    So not only are blue states supporting the sorry asses of the red states with tax monies, the red states are dumping megatons of CO2 into the atmosphere as thanks.

    In a cap and trade system as in CA, the state sets a limit (cap) on a pollutant (CO2), and companies buy and can trade licenses to pollute. The cap gets lowered over time. It’s one way for the those responsible for the damage of global warming to start to pay the actual costs. These costs are passed on, at least in part, to consumers. The rebates offset some of the passed-on costs to those least able to afford it.

    Look at that. If all American states were as energy efficient as California, the US would cut its CO2 emissions by at least a third. It seems from the evidence that the libs ARE behaving as if they believe their own bluster.

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