Surprise: Warmists Blame Washington Landslide On “Climate Change”

Nobody should be surprised, except that it took them till Monday to write up the blame

Landslide Kills 8 People In Washington As Climate Change Makes Them More Likely In The Future

A fatal landslide on Saturday morning tore down a small community in northwest Washington state, killing at least eight people. Officials said the cause of the landslide was ground saturation resulting from recent heavy rainfall. This March was the sixth-wettest since 1922, according to Johnny Burg, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Seattle who spoke with the New York Times, who also said the rains followed a drier-than-normal spell from October to January. (big snip)

“More extreme rain events –- the sudden and intense rain that we’ve been experiencing more frequently so a lot of the state routes are vulnerable to landslides today and the projections are that those will be worse,” Carol Lee Roalkvam, an environmental policy analyst with the Washington State Department of Transportation, told Oregon Public Broadcasting last year.

According to the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, in the near future climate change will cause the region to see less snowpack, earlier snowmelt, and more winter rainfall, leading to more landslides.

Nice. Using tragedy for political benefit. Do you know what this doesn’t prove? Anthropogenic causation. Slate is not to be outdone

Climate Change May Make Terrible Mudslides More Common

One of the most well-forecast and consequential components of human-caused climate change is the tendency for rainstorms to become more intense as the planet warms. As the effect becomes more pronounced, that will make follow-on events like flooding and landslides more common.

Again, they can say it is human-caused, but they can’t prove it. And, again, this is a bunch of wackjobs taking advantage of a tragedy for political purposes.

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