If All You See…

…is a wonderful city which allows everyone to (forcibly) take mass transit and use bike-sharing, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with another post in the continued series about feminism and the Duke porn star.

I rarely add any commentary to these posts, but let me note something. I have received tweets and emails complaining that these posts are sexist. Are they? That’s in the eye of the beholder. At one time, I dropped a post daily feature 20 or more photos of something that interested me. Sometimes it featured beautiful women. That got tiring, as they took a long time to put together. So I started doing the IAYS posts. Meant to be a bit silly, with the “climate change” focus, while showing what men like best: women. But, some call that sexist, derogatory, a symptom of the patriarchy. Yet, apparently, feminists think a woman doing pornography is an awesome display of feminism. But not a picture of a beautiful woman.

I’ll stop here, before this becomes a long post. You get the idea.

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4 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. The Neon Madman says:


    It’s hard to think of anything that won’t irritate someone, somewhere. At times a person like me wonders if there are people out there whose sole purpose in life is to be outraged at something each day, and communicate their outrage to the perpetrator, so they can validate their own personal importance in the universe.

    I like the IAYS posts, I check them out every day and get a small smile from them. Frequently I visit the blog of the day (actually, many of them are on my daily routine to start with).

    These posts are enjoyable, the focus is a nice push back at the AGW crowd, and the pictures are always mild. Hell, you’ll see worse every day on billboards, TV and on the cover of Cosmo in the checkout line.

    Don’t let ’em get you down, Cap’n. For those who claim to be offended, tell them to do what they tell us to do when we are outraged by something on the tube – they’re free to change the channel or turn it off.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    The Neon Madman,

    I am outraged at your assertion that it is hard to find something that won’t irritate someone, somewhere.

    How dare you sir!.

  3. JGlanton says:

    This reminds me of hot yoga. I have friends that do hot yoga and this has to be one of the worst carbon emission forms of exercise. They heat a room to a hot sauna-like temperature everyone does yoga and sweats like pigs. Yoga is so down to earth and natural, full of green people eating yogurt and granola and acai berries, yet they are using more energy than the obnoxious lifted 4×4 pickups that they sneer at from behing the wheel of their Prius.

  4. Preciate the kind words, Neon. I don’t let them bug me. I don’t even bother replying. And, yeah, some people just always have to have a burr in their behinds, as that’s what makes them happy.

    I have a bunch of pics in the folder that I’ve grabbed and then go “um, nope, at least not on the front page”.

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