Deranged Envirowackos Demonstrate At Oil Exec’s House

How deranged? This deranged

(Washington Free Beacon) Masked protesters carrying torches and threatening organized violence protested outside the home of an executive at a major oil pipeline company last week.

Eight environmental activists gathered on the lawn of Mark Maki, a member of the Enbridge Energy Company’s board of directors and president of Enbridge Energy Management, to protest the arrests of three anti-pipeline activists last year.

The protesters, who brandished torches for a photo posted online, held a sign warning, “solidarity means attack” and “we will shut you down.”

This occurred in Houston, Texas

“Tell the rest of the [Enbridge] board they can expect visits,” one protester at Maki’s house said.

I’m not sure why the police weren’t called and these nuts arrested: this is threatening behavior with a threat of violence. Which seems normal for so many Leftists/enviros/Warmists.

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4 Responses to “Deranged Envirowackos Demonstrate At Oil Exec’s House”

  1. Awaiting_Springy_Gumballs says:

    If police can arrest people for posting photos and videos online of their illegal activities, then they should be fully able to arrest these punks. Granted, a little digging will have to be done to ID these hooligans who threaten violence using KKK tactics.

    Free speech is OK, but not when it is associated with violent threats and aggressive actions.

    But, leave it to eco-nuts to protest that which would save the environment, is nothing in the grand scheme of pipelines in america, and would create jobs for many families.

  2. john says:

    The KPL will result in higher gas prices for Americans Right now that Canadian oil MUST be sold to the USA and we get it at a 30% discount. If the pipeline is built Canada will be able to sell that oil at the world market price

  3. Awaiting_Springy_Gumballs says:

  4. jl says:

    John- since when are liberals concerned with high fuel prices?

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