Isn’t Really The Issue For Dems Come 2014

The Washington Post’s Marc Thiessen echoes something I’ve been saying for weeks (though he gets paid to say it): it’s not the website Dems have to worry about

Democrats are praying that this weekend’s relaunch of the Obamacare Web site will save them from an electoral bloodbath in 2014. Their hopes are misplaced. Here are five numbers that suggest that public anger over Obamacare will only grow as Election Day 2014 approaches:

50 million.That is how many Americans will be surprised to find their employer-based health plans dropped or substantially changed next year because of Obamacare. Some will see their plans canceled; others will lose their doctors and see premiums or deductibles rise dramatically. If Democrats think the public is mad about 5.5 million cancellations in the individual market today, imagine the outrage when tens of millions lose their plans in October 2014, right before Election Day.

The administration’s own midline estimate is 91 million overall. The question for those with employer based covereage is whether the new plans, some of which are being changed during the 2013 December signup period (like mine and those of a few folks I know at other companies), will be similarly priced, or skyrocket. I pay around $200 a month with a $400 deductible. The cheapest plan on the Exchange for Wake County, NC, is $231 with a $6600 deductible. Affordable, eh?

As a sidebar, I checked the plans in 20 NC counties, 10 Obama winning and 10 Romney. Premiums are around $40 lower in Obama counties, deductibles much lower in Romney counties. It’s not regionalism, as some Obama counties are in the sticks. Not sure who’s getting boned more.

Anyhow, the other question is whether companies decide to simply drop their health insurance offerings pre-midterms.

Check out the article for Thiessen’s four other deadly numbers.

PS: a question in my mind: how will the GOP, especially the squishies and Establishment folks screw it up?

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