New Exciting Warmist Meme: Inequality Of Climate Change

Warmists have always dipped around the edges of inequality as they push “climate change”, which is really just another way to forced Progressive policies on the world. Much of what the UN has attempted to do is redistributive. Lately, though, Warmists have ramped up the push of “inequality”, running it up the flagpole to see if it gains traction

The Inequality of Climate Change

Typhoon Haiyan has left an estimated 10,000 dead (WT note: depending on the source, the death toll is somewhere between 3621 and 4400 as of this morning. While not good, the warmist hysteria about 10K is just that. Hysteria) and hundreds of thousands homeless in the Philippines. And it has once again underscored for many development experts a cruel truth about climate change: It will hit the world’s poorest the hardest.

“No nation will be immune to the impacts of climate change,” said a major World Bank report on the issue last year. “However, the distribution of impacts is likely to be inherently unequal and tilted against many of the world’s poorest regions, which have the least economic, institutional, scientific and technical capacity to cope and adapt.”

What they’re pushing here is the typical leftist redistributive method, yet they themselves tend to be rather stingy with their own money. But by instituting these programs which would tax the hell out of Other People, it gives Government more power.

And many, many others. Then we have this at the Huffington Post: Here’s Proof That Climate Change Is Unfair, Doesn’t Care Who’s At Fault

Typhoon Haiyan Infographic

You can see the full sized graphic over at the HuffPo if you want, but, notice something it doesn’t do: prove anthropogenic causation. Therein lies the cruz of the argument. Warmists say that any change in the weather is Mankind’s fault, you people are big meanies, then they jump in their fossil fueled vehicles to go to a spreading awareness meeting. Climate Realists say changes in climate and weather are the result of mostly/solely natural forces (if they’re honest, they’ll recognize that Man does have a small effect on both the global climate and localized conditions). Warmists want to tax the hell out of Other People and see their lives controlled by Big Government, along with the private economy. Progressivism is an authoritarian political model most resembling fascism. But they won’t really make any changes in their own lives. Makes one wonder what their real endgame is.

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5 Responses to “New Exciting Warmist Meme: Inequality Of Climate Change”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Climate realists recognize the reality of global warming and deniers don’t. The cruz (sic) of the matter is NOT causation (that’s actually clear) – it’s been known for 100 yrs that increasing atmospheric CO2 will increase heat retention – but responsibility.

    Since the US, Europe, Russia and now China have harmed other nations (and the Earth) by polluting the atmosphere with carbon (all the while generating enormous wealth), shouldn’t these nations be responsible, at least in part, for damages? It seems that would be the responsible thing to do.

    Is that why deniers deny? They’re afraid they’ll be forced to pay damages?

  2. jfreed27 says:

    Did the added CO2 disappear from the atmosphere? Did CO2 suddenly stop absorbing heat?


    So, warming must continue, as a rock must continue to fall.

    BTW: There is new evidence that warming hasn’t slowed.

    Not so slow “slowdown”? New paper says warming in last 15 years may be double what scientists thought.

  3. LOL. So they just “added” data. Which just happened to get it to .12C per decade. Amusing. And totally expected. You Warmists just love to tamper with the data. What you don’t like is giving up your own big carbon footprint lives.

  4. PS: I find it interesting that you folks who are supposedly for science immediately jump on any bandwagon that attempts to reinforce your beliefs, rather than practice skepticism which is a bedrock of science. You have no interest as to the data, the study, where the point is, or anything else.

  5. Ignore_Cold_Gumballs says:

    Added CO2 does not add additional heat to the atmosphere. We are already saturated with its logarithmic heat effect. And CO2 being a very small trace gas, has limited effect upon our atmosphere.

    Also, this argument as cited by Teach is stupid. Those affected by typhoons are in the western pacific island nations, thus surrounded by warm ocean. The wealthier nations that have economic land mass, do not and are better protected by the impacts of similar storms.

    As for the “new data”, it is the same data, only massaged a different way where they ignore certain data. This research is being slammed all over the net.

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