House To Vote On “Keep You Plan” Bill Today

I think it was a Bad Idea to bring this legislation forward: the “Affordable” Care Act is bad legislation, the rules as written by the Obama controlled HHS made it much worse, and the sooner people feel the pain themselves, the sooner we can repeal and replace this fraud of a law pushed by a fraud of a president. And really, what Obama and the Dems pushed on the American people was fraud. Possibly criminal fraud. And intentional attempt to deceive the people of the USA. Anyhow, the Washington Post wonders if the vote will be a test of loyalty for Democrats

The political fallout from the botched launch of the health-care law is presenting congressional Democrats with one of their toughest tests of party loyalty in the five years of the Obama administration.

House Republicans are expected to pass a bill Friday that could dramatically undermine the law. And after years of trying to impale the initiative, GOP leaders are hopeful that the political turmoil over the rollout will provide them the support of a sizable bloc of Democrats.

After Obama’s little PC, for which he was at least 30 minutes late, O’s chief of staff, Denis McDon­ough, along with some “senior staff”, huddled with the Senate Democrats. Nope, Obama wasn’t present. He gave his speech, his work was done or something. Then they huddled with House Dems

In particular, they urged House Democrats to not support Friday’s GOP bill, which would allow people to keep their old health insurance by extending the “grandfather provisions” of the health-care law to include plans purchased after the law was adopted in 2010. Democrats worry that that would keep millions of people out of the exchanges and decimate the act.

Hmm, interesting that Democrats didn’t talk about needing tens of millions to see their insurance cancelled and forced into the health exchanges/Medicaid in order for the law to work.

A large number of such defections would be a policy blow to the law, but it would be an even more significant political gut punch to the president. The White House on Thursday night said the president would veto the GOP bill if it came to his desk.

Double interesting: it’s being positioned that it is more important to give loyalty to Obama, as if he is a king or something, rather than being elected representatives of The People of the USA.

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5 Responses to “House To Vote On “Keep You Plan” Bill Today”

  1. Larro says:

    I agree with you
    We ( the American citizens) are hog tied by both parties. Each one has their way with us while the other is watching and planning their next assault on our taxes and liberties. The first has their play, then the next comes in and has another orgasm (actually not theirs’, but the PAC that bought them recently)

    My thought is the non elected are being ytaken advantage of from the established rapists, who, when pulling out, put so much spin on the fraud, it makes you think the other party was in you.

    C’mon people. I know who got in my pocketbook, my person, my taxes, … I can spot a bald faced, out and out, black on black LIE!
    Spin it all you can.

    I wasn’t a part of it, but I heard the military had a saying for it…

    Bend over, here it comes again.
    Greetings from BOTH the democrats and republicans!
    I am fed up with both.
    I propose hunting them down with dogs…
    Your power is in your vote
    Get it out, show your feelings, and encourage others to do the same.

    For instance … Have you contacted your elected official lately? I’m hacked because UPON entering the website I automatically get filtered down to the level of manure, and then I’m really truly NOT sure my message got received. Try it. Mine has their “squelch” tuned out.
    They are out of touch. They are working for someone else, NOT THE FOLKS THAT ELECTED THEM

    May GOD save our children.

  2. Cold_Front_Gumballs_Are Warming says:

    Larro, GOD will be the only one who could save our children. The gov’t is incapable despite the lies that they know best. Granted, the gov’t will take your children from you first, then tell you that they know best. They have to seize your children before they let you know why.

    What starts in Europe, comes to USA. We don’t like your Christian teachings, so we are going to seize your kids. We don’t like that you keep them from TV or fast food. So we are going to seize your kids. We know what’s best.

    but it would be an even more significant political gut punch to the president.

    And that is the only reason that this bill was passed. Oh sure, there were many Dems that voted for the bill because they knew it was a massive gov’t bureaucracy that would massively inflate the size and power of the gov’t. They orgasmed at it. Then others did it solely to give Obama his due power and legislative win. They didn’t care or care to know the repercussions.

    The ones that are squalking, are the ones that voted for it with reservations and a hesitant finger. But, they voted for OCare knowing, full well, knowing what it would do to this nation of freedom and liberty. They knew it would strip people’s choices. They knew it would strip them of their chosen plans. They knew it was a massive redistribution of wealth the likes not seen since welfare began.

    Don’t forget guys. The added in taxes.
    Taxes for medical devices and equipment
    Taxes for selling your home, and additional 3.8% (over $500K).
    Taxes on married couples

    Fight against this with all your might people. This is our turning point.

  3. Trish Mac says:

    The way I see it, the Republicans at least didn’t vote for this horrific piece of legislation, and therefore have already voted to let us keep our plan!
    I can agree that R’s are often the problem as well as the D’s, and I hate the term lesser of two evils. But it’s true.
    I am happy to vote out an incompetent Republican, but the big problem is that democrats perpetuate their mistakes. As evidenced in November of 2012.

  4. Cold_Front_Gumballs_Are Warming says:

    the Republicans at least didn’t vote for this horrific piece of legislation, and therefore have already voted to let us keep our plan!

    Very good point. They already had their vote.
    I say the vote should be, “uphold the law as is”.

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