Alaskans Losing Their Plans They Like, “But It’s Not Really What You Think”

Yet more Americans losing their plans because of Democrats and Obamacare

(Alaska Dispatch) Premera Blue Cross, Alaska’s largest health care provider, said last week that about 5,400 Alaskans on individual plans received cancellation notices in September, because those plans do not meet the requirements under the Affordable Care Act. That’s more than half of the 9,000 Alaskans who have individual health care plans through Premera.

The letters informed Alaskans of the cancellation, and says they’ll be matched up to a new plan that most closely matches their old one, and automatically enrolled in the plan.

Sure, it’s not the same as 150K losing their plans in Oregon, but, then, this is just one provider, and the population of Alaska is smaller. The article then goes on to wonder if the letters are “deceptive”, because they don’t mention and folks will automatically be enrolled in a much more expensive plan if they do nothing. But, why the cancellations/changes?

The Affordable Care Act changed the requirements for health care plans. All plans in place after the bill was signed into law were dumped, and replaced with plans that have more benefits and restrictions, and often higher costs.

There are “10 essential health benefits” that all insurance coverage must carry, including maternity care, behavioral health treatment, prescription drugs, laboratory tests and preventive services. There are no lifetime coverage caps, so people can receive as much coverage as necessary throughout their lives.

Insurers have no choice.

  • 300,000 from Florida Blue
  • 160,00 from California’s Kaiser Permanente
  • 119,00 from California’s Blue Shield
  • Some reports say over 700,000 in California will lose their plans
  • From Pennsylvania, Insurance Highmark in Pittsburgh and Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia plan to cancel 20 percent and 45 percent of their total plans
  • 800,000 New Jersey residents will see their plans go away
  • We know Colorado residents are losing their plans, since Michelle Malkin was a recipient of a cancellation notice.
  • We know folks in States like North Carolina are losing their plans, we just don’t know how many. Yet.
  • 140,000 in Minnesota
  • 150,000 in Oregon
  • 290,000 in Washington state

So far.

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