How Soon Till De Blasio Voting Liberals Head To Greener Pastures?

This is what NYC citizens voted for (this is the prepared text as released)

(NY Times) But let me be clear. Our work — all of our work — is really just beginning. And we have no illusions about the task that lies ahead.

Tackling inequality isn’t easy; it never has been, and never will be. The challenges we face have been decades in the making, and the problems we set out to address will not be solved overnight.

But make no mistake: the people of this city have chosen a progressive path, and tonight we set forth on it, together, as one city. (snip)

To maintain that greatness and to ensure that our brightest days are ahead of us, we must commit ourselves to progressive ideas that will lift us all. (snip)

So when we call on the wealthiest among us to pay just a little more in taxes to fund universal Pre-K and after-school programs we aren’t threatening anyone’s success. We are asking those who’ve done very well to ensure that every child has the same opportunity to do just as well as they have. (snip)

Progressive changes won’t happen overnight, but they will happen;

In other words, expect De Blasio and his base to push big taxation and redistributive plans, which could see many people get the heck out of NYC. And, unfortunately, they tend to come to areas without the Progressive insanity. And attempt to install their ideas which they just abandoned.

Say what you will about Bloomberg, the guy did mostly love business and money. Yes, he was a progressive nanny-stater, but if you listen to him talk, he loves the fact that NYC has lots and lots of millionaires. I listened to an interview with him back in September, and he was actually discussing how having all these millionaires and billionaires in NYC, along with serious money making companies, helped people via….get this….trickle down economics. A guy like Bloomberg must know something about How Economies Work.

De Blasio, on the other hand, is going to work hard to change the dynamics. De Blasio campaigned on the notion that the “elite” had their mayor, Bloomberg, and now it’s time for the 46% who are at or below poverty to get their mayor. And when that happens, Liberals abandon what they voted for and head for the hills. Hint for these folks: Detroit has plenty of housing at cheap pricing for ya.

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